Home with a newborn – my most used baby gear

My, how time flies. My newborn is now 6-weeks old! I’m not planning to have anymore kids, so it’s a strange feeling, knowing this is the last time I’ll get to experience this amazing newborn stage of life.

I generally talk to new moms-to-be about how you really don’t need a lot at first with a newborn. All they do is eat, sleep and cry after all. But, I think every new mom has a few items they are always using in these early weeks. Here are the items I’m always reaching for right now:

Balboa Baby Sling Without fail, when I leave the house with my baby in this sling, I am always stopped and asked about it. I was at West Elm yesterday and talked to two expecting mamas about it in a row! I love this sling and both my babies love this sling. They are so comfy for baby it’s an instant way to calm them and get them to sleep. It’s best for the first 3-4 months before baby gets too big. I love it because it’s a a one-piece sling and it’s easy to get baby in and out. While the baby wraps on the  market are nice and I’ve tried many, I am too lazy to figure them out and my husband isn’t crazy about wearing them either. This sling is dead simple to put on and take off, the baby loves it, and they look cute as a button in it too.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple ButterIf you are breastfeeding, you know what your nipples go through in the early weeks, especially with baby #1 when it’s all new. I was much more proactive with baby #2 and slathered this nipple butter on after and between feedings, as needed. It’s a wonderful cream, works great, and no cracks for me this time!

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow – I received this pillow as a gift with my first son and boy am I thankful! I don’t know if I would have ever chosen it myself but it is so helpful. You just clip it on and baby is nursing at the perfect level. Plus, they are supported so you have your hands free to read a book or flip through your smart phone.

Zipper Baby Swaddles from Woombie and Sweet Dreams & Flying Machines – With my first son, getting the perfect swaddle with swaddle blankets was a daily challenge. My husband is really the best swaddler I’ve ever seen – I keep saying we should put a video of him swaddling on youtube. Me? Not so much. So, with my second son I’ve decided to get some help in the form of zipper swaddles. Zip baby up into one of these and that’s it! They are snug and ready to sleep.

Ella in Jasper Pink Cotton One Piece PJ with Foldover SockOM Home One-Piece PJ with foldover hands and feet – One of my favourite new finds. Made in Canada 100%  cotton PJs for babies, toddlers, and kids. Beautiful colours & prints and very well made. I love these one-piece PJs for my baby because they zip up easy (no buttons to fumble over), and the hands and feet fold over. The foldover hands are perfect scratch mitts in the early days. In the cold months this is the perfect one-piece. No need for socks or anything else!

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, ElephantRocker Chair – When you have a busy toddler around, you need to put baby down often. So I’ve been getting great use out of our baby rocker chair. I can secure baby in the chair while he watches his big brother and I play, or the family eat supper. And my older son loves to gently rock baby in the chair too. There are lots of models to choose from. My chair was a hand-me-down from my Brother, but it sure does the job!

Crock-Pot® Countdown Touchscreen Slow CookerCrock Pot Touch Screen Slow Cooker – With two kids around the house, I have less and less time to get dinner on the table. So, I recently bought a slow cooker to help me out. Now, when I have a moment anytime during the day, and I can prep everything I need for dinner and then just turn the slow cooker on. The house smells great and pulling together dinner is much easier! This model is the top recommended Slow Cooker from Cooks Illustrated, kitchen gadget testers extraordinaire.

What were your go-to items as a new mama? Share in the comments below!

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