Hot Find Friday: Cooper & Kid “Dad-is-Awesome” Box


Modern Dads are cooking meals, supervising playgrounds, changing diapers and yet, a boatload of present-day, engaged dads are completely ignored, according to Cooper & Kid; and their mission is to change that.

What is Cooper & Kid? Well its essentially a “Dad-is-Awesome” box delivered to your door quarterly.

Each quarter comes an entirely new theme too. A giant boxed filled with a myriad of activities for dad & child to tackle together.

The box we received was filled with (and turned into!) make-it-yourself musical instruments and even a mini drum set.


My girls had a blast reading instructions, building and fixing parts to create musical instruments together with their modern dad. I was floored that the activity guide included not only instructions and information about what was included but also recipes, song writing tips and even a story book.


The box it all came in turned into an amplifier!

According to Cooper & Kid:

Before now, moms have been the dominant force when it comes to nurturing and engaging the family, but at Cooper& Kid they’ve seen the tides changing and are here to cheer on the modern dad who does it all. Through a clever subscription box service and male-minded e-zine, they’re giving dad his due as he continues to crush it in the paternal arena. By joining the Cooper & Kid family, everything dad needs to kick a lazy afternoon into overdrive is designed, packaged, and delivered right to his door. Every three months he can expect to receive a completely unique Cooper Kit that’s filled with specially curated products and activities centering around a chosen theme. Upon tearing into each enticing mystery box, adventurers are met with a cast of uproarious and potentially puzzling accoutrements that are crafted to entertain, engage, and create unforgettable memories between father and child. While moms may seem to have an endless array of parenting guidebooks and magazines at their fingertips, dads are left in the dark. Seeing the perfect opportunity to offer men tips and articles geared towards their familial interests, fears, and hopes, Cooper & Kid launched their E-Zine Catch. This online compendium of ongoing published content challenges and enlightens dads while giving them a place to meet other like-minded individuals and air their opinions on man dates, minivans, saving for college, and more.

The Cooper & Kid subscription box is $78 per quarter or $288 for a full year (saving $24).
* The product was provided for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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