How Does She Do It?…. With Caitlin Petersen


Twice a month we interview Mom’s in our “How Does She Do It?” feature. If interested in participating please reach out on Facebook or Instagram.

This week’s How Does She Do It? mama is Caitlin Petersen! She is a mother of two boys, and the owner of Kindred Memories Photography.

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Are you an Urban or Suburban Mama, where do you live?

I live in Beaumont, a small city just outside of Edmonton.


Tell us about your children?

Jax is my older son, he’s 5 years old. He’s the kindest little soul, always trying to get a laugh out of anybody and everybody and making new friends everywhere he goes. Bowen is my little wild child that has no fear and somehow makes getting into trouble look cute! They are both constantly keeping me on my toes, climbing on everything and laughing in the face of danger. I have acquired hundreds of new gray hairs since having them. But! They are so sweet and have this special place for their Mom and give the best snuggles ever.


Tell us about your typical weekday?

Usually, my boys wake up at the crack of dawn and I inhale my one cup of coffee while they eat breakfast and then we try to spend some time outside either in the backyard or going for a walk. If the weather is too cold we will do kids yoga or have a dance party to burn some energy. My older son is in Kindergarten in the afternoon so after dropping him off I put my younger son down for a nap and while he naps I try to get my house back in order after our usually chaotic mornings. I also own my own business doing Maternity and Newborn/Baby photography so during nap time I will try to get some editing done or e-mails answered.


Do you have help?

My family lives in Spruce Grove and my hubby Coles parents live about 20 minutes away. So during the week I am home with my kids but our parents do help a lot on the weekends when I schedule my photoshoots if Cole is working.  Thank goodness for Grandparents!!!


Who cooks dinner?

I am more the cook of the family although my hubby Cole will make dinner as well if I feel like I need a break from it here and there. I love to cook and to challenge myself in the kitchen and am constantly trying new ingredients and recipes. I even jumped on the sourdough bandwagon during the pandemic and can now successfully make my own bread!


How often do you buy something just for you?

I don’t often shop for myself but every now and again I will splurge on something photography-related. I recently bought myself a Macro lens and have been falling in love with this new style of photography, capturing all of the tiny little details of my client’s brand new babies brings me so much joy!


Do you exercise regularly and if so, what and how do you fit it in?

Right now my children are my exercise. I am non-stop moving all day, playing and running with them and walking my older son to/from school and taking them to different parks.  I do also enjoy getting my sweat on on my elliptical and free weights for strength training if I am feeling like I need a little extra. Exercise has changed a bit since having children, I don’t feel like I am able to make it to the gym anymore so I try to find ways to get moving at home while I am with my boys. I definitely have more energy the more I exercise, and being able to keep up with my kids is important to me.


What clothing lines or stores do you like to buy for your children?

I am big into thrifting for myself and my boys. My children grow out of and ruin their clothes so quickly so it’s the affordability and also it’s one small thing I can do to reduce my carbon footprint, which I think is a wonderful example to set for my kids too!


Three things in my purse right now are…

Usually, it is full of fruit, granola bars or other snacks because my kids live off of them and often don’t believe in eating their meals J Maybe an extra diaper and a pack of wipes for my ALMOST but not quite potty trained 2 year old.



My favourite drugstore buy is?

I love my Clinique SPF color correcting cream. I don’t wear makeup too often anymore, but this makes me feel more put together and protects my face from the sun a bit! Or Aveeno lavender lotion/body wash. Lavender is such a calming scent and feels like a tiny bit of self-care in a bottle!


My guilty pleasure is?

Dark chocolate! And it tastes even better after my kids have gone to bed. =)


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