How Does She Do It?… with Carole Anne Devaney

Carole Ann

Twice a month we interview Moms in our “How Does She Do It?” feature. If interested in participating please reach out on Facebook or Instagram.

Carole Anne

We are excited to introduce you to Carole Anne Devaney. Carole Anne Devaney is a co-anchor of the #1 rated Global News Hour at 6 on Global Edmonton.

Are you an Urban or Suburban Mama, where do you live?

I used to be an Urban mama. Ahhh, those were the days. But trip enough times over a baby stroller while trying to get to the washing machine, and living in a condo gets old fast. We needed more space.

Tell us about your children?

Emmanuelle, 5, is sensitive, cautious, maternal and affectionate. She is rule driven, and sucking her thumb is her favourite pastime.

Amelie, 3, is sneaky, determined, independent, energetic and fearlessly reckless. She’s a free spirit with a big heart.

Sidney, 1, is boisterous, fiery, clingy and curious. If he’s not chucking things off the counter, he’s slapping his sisters or roughhousing with daddy.

Tell us about your typical weekday?

I work Monday to Friday. I get to have breakfast with the kids, before I leave. And in the evenings, I get about an hour with them before bedtime, where we read books and cuddle.

Do you have help?

Yes. We have a wonderful caregiver who helps us around the house.

Who cooks dinner?

My husband, on weekdays, because I’m never home for dinner.

How often do you buy something just for you?

Not often. I buy professional clothes for work because I have to, but I’m not a big shopper.

Carole Ann

Do you exercise regularly and if so, what and how do you fit it in?

I exercise about 2-3 a week. Normally I do group classes over my lunch hour. During the pandemic, I’m doing short workouts at home.

What clothing lines or stores do you like to buy for your children?

I honestly don’t really buy them clothes. I have tons of friends with older kids, who give me hand me downs.

I’m totally obsessed with…

Oysters, sushi and lobster. Interior home design. Documenting my children’s lives and developmental milestones in their journals.

Three things in my purse right now are…

  1. Security Pass for work
  2. Earrings
  3. Dirty Cutlery

My favourite drugstore buy is?

Lindt chocolate bunny.

My guilty pleasure is?

Trash TV.

Thank you to Carole Anne Devaney for taking time out of her day to let us know “How Does She Do It.”

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