Huggies’ Is Making Sure No Baby Goes Unhugged


The power that is inside a hug is incredible. Did you know it naturally increases the Oxytocin levels in our bodies which is also known as the “love hormone”? This incredible release can do amazing things for both parties involved. In fact, a 20-second-long hug can help reduce the negative effects of stress: as it decreases your heart rate and blood pressure. It is even believed that a simple 10-second hug can also help your immune system, ease depression and even help fight infections. Over 600 scientific papers have published about the benefits of human touch and its powerful impact on our health.

huggiesIt is no wonder why Huggies Canada has been working so hard to create and spread their newest program, No Baby Unhugged. It’s an incredible initiative that is having a beautiful impact on the tiniest babies. We were lucky enough to be invited to join Huggies on a behind-the-scenes look at their newest program introduction at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. We were also given a chance to hear from families who benefited from this initiative, plus an inside look at their facilities showcasing just how much they love each bundle that comes through their doors. Being able to shake hands with their hug volunteers and staff was such an inspiration, as they truly do it all for love. Being able to hear the benefits for babies in need, straight from the source, was a beautiful experience and one that taught us so much about infant care.

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For an initiative like Huggies’ No Baby Unhugged there is such an irreplaceable impact on premature babies in the NICU, from health improvements to overall well-being. No matter what the story is, sometimes the parents aren’t always able to be there to hug their little ones, whether it is because the live far away from specialized care or because they have other little ones to care for. Which is why programs like No Baby Unhugged are so important.

We got to see first-hand the amazing results of this incredible program thanks to a couple welcoming families who were willing to share their story with us. It was so touching being able to see these families benefiting babies in the NICU in such a huge way thanks to the volunteer huggers and Huggies.

Huggies’ goal is to see this program reach  more hospitals across Canada each year, in the hopes of bringing hugs to the littlest members of our families who need it most. No Baby Unhugged has managed to provide the best possible start for so many babies and they want to keep doing it with your help, love and support.

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You can help get hugs to the babies that need it most by pledging your support  for the No Baby Unhugged initiative. When you do, you’ll even receive a free pack of Huggies diapers and wipes for your house! In return, Huggies Brand will donate $5 to hugging programs in Canada.

Make a difference, sign up and get spread the love through hugs!

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