Edmonton Ice Castle Review


On the top of my winter to-do list this year was to visit the Edmonton Ice Castle at Hawrelak Park. I love the idea of a majestic ice structure and the whole concept of ice, fire and lights. We visited this attraction last weekend and it did not disappoint! From the ice slides, to the water features, changing coloured lights and themed music (yes, they play ‘Let It Go’) it was a blast! Here are a few of my thoughts from the whole experience.

Excited to enter the castle!

Excited to enter the castle!

  • Buy your ticket ahead of time online! This place is super popular right now. They sell tickets at the gate, but when we were there people were being turned away because all of the tickets had been sold online. It’s cheaper in advance too. If you can manage this on a weekday, it will cost you about $3 less per ticket than going on the weekend. Kids 3 and under are free.
  • You only need to plan to be there for about half an hour. The castle is impressive and quite large, but there is not a ton to do once you look around, take a bunch of pics and try the ice slide. If it’s as cold as the night we went you won’t want to stick around much longer either!


  • Do not be discouraged if there is a lineup when you arrive at your scheduled time. It moves quickly and the staff are really efficient. You just have to sign a quick waiver and you are good to go.
  • If your tickets are on your phone, put your phone in a warm inside pocket to avoid it freezing and you being unable to access your ticket.
  • Wear boots with grips and snow pants. No one likes falling on ice. Also, the ice slide is not nearly as fun with pants that stick to the ice. Trust me, I tried it.
Climbing up to the ice slide!

Climbing up to the ice slide!

  • Leave the stroller at home, I’m not even sure that you can bring one in.
  • Parking is not an issue. Since this is a short timed event people are constantly coming and going. You should be able to find a spot quite easily.
The centre of the castle is this beautiful piece with water shooting from the top!

In the centre of the castle is this beautiful piece with water shooting from the top!

  • Go to the bathroom before you get there. Frozen porta-potties just suck.
  • We went when it was dark, which was great to see the light show but I think that I will return this season to see it in the daylight or at sunset.

Have you visited the Edmonton Ice Castle yet? You can get your advance tickets here!




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