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Earlier this year we put out a casting call for contributing writers and the response was overwhelming. This season it’s been even more so and it’s been difficult to narrow it down but here they are! We’ve got a great line up for you, mama!

Introducing our Fabulous Contributing Writers

Amber Clouthier bio

Amber Clouthier

Amber is a new mom to a boy born in December 2012. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her husband who is a self proclaimed geek and she knows more about Dungeons and Dragons than she would like to admit. In her spare moments she used to love to bake, read and take long baths. Now she is happy to get a five minute shower and take a nap. Please don’t take her too seriously because she sure doesn’t. 

Lisa Mackell Bio

Lisa Mackell

Lisa is a mom to two amazing boys, and a wife to an awesome husband. She was born and raised in Edmonton, and resides in the west end. She is also a busy birth doula, with Baby Bump Doula & Birth Services, and teaches Prenatal Classes in her spare time. When she’s not busy with that, she finds time to work at her children’s school, read and occasionally scrapbook.

Daina Sparling, contributor

Daina Sparling

Daina is a wife to Darryl and mother to Jacob and Audrey.  She enjoys spending time with friends and family, travel, gardening, and being a mom.

Kera Doherty, bio

Kera Doherty, B. Mus

When they are not busy working, Kera and her husband enjoy going to concerts, movies, and sporting events! They love living in the Vancouver area as it is vibrant and beautiful but also love to travel and enjoy the experience of discovering new cultures. Their travels often take them to the prairies (which is still their favourite place to visit) as they were born and raised there. They love to return there to enjoy time with their families and new niece!

Kera and her husband own and operate Staccato Studios and Music Share in Burnaby, BC.  As music instructors, they love sharing their enjoyment of music with others.  Kera works with a wide range of students from babies and toddler, to teens and adults.  In addition to teaching, she enjoys the cultural life of Vancouver and you can often find her out at a concert or the symphony.

Brooke Takhar, MM Contributor Pic

Brooke Takhar

Brooke is a mama of one monkey, based out of Vancouver, BC. She blogs about the trials and triumphs of parenting at When she’s not obsessing about her lack of DIY skills and exotic face creams, she shares her life and loves via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (@missteenussr).

KristenYarker, Nutrition Expert

Kristen Yarker, MSc, RD

Kristen is a child feeding expert often referred to as The Dietitian who Transforms Picky Eaters into Food-Confident Kids. Although she suspects that behind her back people call her The Laughing Dietitian because she finds the humour in stressful situations. Her laughter carries (that’s a polite way to say that it’s loud). She shows families evidence-based strategies to gets kids to try new foods on their own (without negotiations, deception, or being sneaky) to start them along a path to a life-long LOVE of healthy eating.

When she’s not gardening, shopping at a farmers’ markets, cooking or entertaining she’s balancing all her food related interests by taking her surfboard down off the wall (where’s it’s been collecting dust for almost 10 years) and is getting back in the water.

We’re looking forward to seeing what these lovely women have in store for us. Check back often and follow along!

Are you interested in joining our growing team of fabulous writers? Check out our Contributor Guidelines.

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