Ivy’s Loving Her Sonicare #GetTheFeeling

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Ivy’s new toothbrush has been a hit. She doesn’t even refuse to brush her teeth at bedtime anymore. (I hope the novelty doesn’t wear off)

On Sunday at the pool she was tired of swimming so she asked if she could draw. I asked her to draw me a picture with her new toothbrush (see my last post to see what she’d name her “robot toothbrush”).



I loved watching her add details like her teeth and fingers.



She went on to explain to me how exactly she can draw stars, and made sure to include one as part of her rainbow. Watching a child express their creativity in a way that they enjoy is priceless.


The finished product! Brushing your teeth outside with a rainbow, stars, sunshine and hearts; what could be better?

* This post is sponsored by Sonicare.

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