The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

PineSol Spring Blossom

Spring Cleaning

Every year, without haste, Spring arrives. As glorious as that sounds, as moms we know that also includes the dreaded, inevitable, much-needed…”Spring cleaning“.

Spring is a Fresh Start

With the season comes a rejuvenated zest to tackle the balance of the year. Reorganizing your home, getting rid of clutter and unused/unneeded items is such a healthy and happy way to kick it all off.

After doing so, we feel amazing, we know that feeling, we crave that feeling this time of year.

Re-furnishing or slight re-decorations may be a part of this fresh Spring start as well. By this time, you have probably noted the new items your home needs for those growing kids, your changing tastes, etc. It’s needless to say, purging is a necessary step to make way for anything coming in.

Worry not, The Lazy Mom’s Guide to Spring Cleaning is here

Luckily, we relate and wanted to give you some hope that your spring cleaning is doable and manageable.


I repeat, don’t bother with the purging step in their spaces while they are at home. Send the kids off to Grandma’s house or have your partner take them out to a movie. Anything but at home when you tackle their rooms. That last thing you want is for them to be around while you’re purging the toys and clothing in their bedroom. They will inevitably want to keep every last thing.


Set a timer and Spend 20 minutes with a garbage bag and a box per every child’s room and throw away 20 things, and donate 10 things per room (into the box).


Set the timer for 10 minutes per closet and purge anything you haven’t used in the past year, outgrown shoes, and box up all the Winter gear and snow boots.


As the “clutter queen” that I am, I know that this is easier said than actually done. But I have learned that what this saying means is that everything in your home, down to the pair of scissors and extra batteries, needs a home in your home. That is where that pair of scissors lives and needs to be placed back to when it’s done being used. Meaning if you take the lint roller out of the junk drawer, that is where it goes back. The junk drawer is your lint roller’s “home”.


Use scented products to increase the clean smelling vibes when your family arrives home. I like to use scented cleaning products as well as candles and essential oils. Between all that and windows wide open for fresh air in the Spring, there’s nothing better than a fresh smelling home! I have three pets, so this one is extra important for when guests come over!

Pine-sol just released a new product, the Spring Blossom floral scented cleaner that still works as a strong multi-surface cleaner but with a Spring fresh scent!

PineSol Spring Blossom

Good luck tackling your Spring cleaning!

*Sponsored by Pine-Sol, as always all opinions and tips are my own.


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    Ah so much to do this spring. I will tackle it with a smile because it is a sign of spring! I am going to get some Pine-Sol Spring blossom floral scent to help me tackle the chores.

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    I got my Kitchen don and two bathroom. I started in January…haha Will do closet when it’s warmer out.

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