Learning for Life – Adult Physical Literacy


Learning for Life

With your ABCs, once you know your alphabet, it comes pretty easily.

But with physical literacy, there’s a big emphasis on lifelong learning. In order to maintain our fitness level and comfort level with our bodies and their abilities, we need to keep at it.

In order to enjoy the confidence and comfort that comes along with physical literacy – that effortless navigation through life’s physical challenges and expectations—we need to always be learning and practicing.

Here are some fun and easy ways to maintain your physical literacy at the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre

Drop the kids off with us, and go get busy!

Train For a Fun Run – Does your workplace hold an annual fun run? Or maybe you want to support a local charity by taking part in a 5K. This is a terrific goal to set for the New Year, so start training now. We have Learn To Run and Love to Run classes, plus a beautiful track on which to practice!

Spinning Classes – If you haven’t tried this excellent workout, now’s the time. It’s an uplifting, motivating and highly physical way to work out. We offer all different intensity levels too, so choose the speed and style that matches your goals!

Zumba Classes – There’s a reason this type of Latin-inspired dance class has taken North America by storm. It’s a seriously fun and fabulous way to burn calories, reduce stress and tap into life’s natural rhythm. Let loose and allow the music to move you!

Adult Learn to Swim –It is not as uncommon as you think to find an adult who never took swimming lessons. With this basic course, you’ll be able to finally add swimming into your physical repertoire. That means next time you’re vacationing in Mexico, you can take that snorkeling tour with the rest of the group! Or, this summer, surprise your kids by jumping off the dock at the lake house.

Child-Minding Services: To make living a healthy active lifestyle as convenient as possible, the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre offers a safe and caring environment for your children while you use the facility.

Available on a first-come-first-serve basis or through advance registration, our onsite child minding is fun for children one month to seven years of age.






*This is a sponsored post by the TransAlta Tri-Leisure Centre*

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