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Have you ever thought you need to have legal protection for you and your family, just in case, but cannot fathom having to conjure up lawyer fees? Are you a mompreneur and would like some documents reviewed but weary of the costs? How about wanting to make a will or legal documentation but deterred by the fees associated with it?

All of these items are things moms, and parents alike, think about. However, recently, we have learned about a service that makes all these things much easier, less expensive, and readily accessible.

Tina Dhinjal, is a stay at home mom, and independent advisor with LegalShield. She specializes in helping moms to access the legal benefits they need and/or want, if they would like to, also earn a nice income, on their own schedule, as a home based associate.

What is LegalShield exactly?

LegalShield offers a portfolio of legal and identity theft services that protect families legal rights and their identities. It is a membership service, that allows you to access legal services whenever you need, for whatever you need. With membership, you can talk to a lawyer, on any matter, without having to pay the high hourly costs. The service also has experienced law firms affiliated, so can recommend which lawyer to use and there is even 24/7 access for covered emergencies.

Plans are $26 monthly, or less, and with all the protection you get, you also get:
• Complimentary Wills
• Powers of Attorney
• Affordable (less than a dollar a day) and comprehensive unlimited legal access for any day to day life events that happen.
• Member perks such as hotel discounts, online shopping, and car rentals


More information, as well as details on pricing and plans are available online at Tina is here to help you learn more about how to protect yourself and get the best plan for you.

There is also a link to a video for more information.

LegalShield believes that everyone deserves legal protection, by making affordable plans, it is helping families obtain this outstanding legal coverage by quality law firms. LegalShield has members inquiring about legal advice from real estate to divorce advice, speeding tickets to will preparation, and beyond, they are there for all legal needs.

LegalShield also has a downloadable app that can be used on IOS or Android, making access even easier for members.

Contact Tina to discuss what plans may be right for you, visit her website today.


This is a sponsored/paid post by LegalShield. All opinions, however, are my own.

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