Local Fitness Options for Moms

After having a baby, a lot of new moms feel unhappy with their post-baby bodies and feel the need to start working out.  There are so many fitness studios and gyms that offer a lot of great programs to help get back into shape, however, not all of those locations offer childcare or have a child-friendly environment.  Here is a list of local studios that offer childcare or a child-friendly environment.


TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre

The TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre offers a variety of membership options that can give you access to all of the amenities that the TLC offers, drop in fitness classes, the aquatic centre, and a discount on registered classes.  The TLC also offers child minding services at various times during the week; mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Memberships: $38.35 – $52.50 per month | $108 – $525 annually
Childcare: $4.80 – $8 per hour

30 Minute Hit

30 Minute Hit in Spruce Grove is a boxing / kickboxing circuit for women.  It is a drop-in program that uses techniques from boxing, kickboxing, self-defense, and core stability training.  There is no childcare available but there is an area that has toys and a baby gate where children can play while mom works out.  This is an unsupervised area but you can see the play area during your whole workout.

Memberships: $39 – $59 per month + registration fee
Childcare: FREE use of play area

Perpetual Fitness

Located in the North-East area of Spruce Grove, Perpetual Fitness is a typical gym that offers childcare services.  They have a variety of group fitness classes as well.  Their membership options range from monthly to yearly contracts.

Memberships: $40 – $85 per month
Childcare: $4.50 per hour | 10 hour punch card: $40

Hot Mama Health & Fitness

Hot Mama Health & Fitness provides a variety of fitness classes for all levels of abilities that are child-friendly.  They are held both inside and outside at various locations in Spruce Grove and Stony Plain.  While their classes do not include childcare, you are welcome to bring your children to work out with you or play while you workout.

Memberships: $13.08 + per class | Varieties of class pass options
Childcare: FREE to bring child to class

Your Home

Not all moms are able to get out of the house due to family schedules, finances, or location.  There are plenty of options to purchase workout videos, hire a trainer to come to your home, hire a long distance coach, or even use YouTube videos.  Childcare is not needed and you can work around your schedule.

Memberships: Various
Childcare: FREE

What are some of your favorite places to go workout?



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