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For as long as I’ve known about eyelash extensions I have been completely obsessed.I’ve dreamt of being able to wake up and walk out the door feeling put together and a little bit glam too. As a mom, this can be a huge lifesaver when sleep can be hard to come by. I recently got to try out Eye Candy Lash Extensions and I wanted to share my experience with all of you!


About Eye Candy

Eye Candy Lash Extensions was founded by Jessy Miles & Alena Brown not only specialize in enhancing natural lashes but also offer services like lash tinting for a more dramatic look. After they realized that long hours, variable weather conditions, and makeup were not a great combination. Friends since 2008 when they met as EMT’s, Jessy & Alena became lash certified in 2010 and so their lash journey began.Their first location opened in Terwillegar but Alena soon realized there was a need for a studio right here in St.Albert. After months of hard work, the studio opened in September of 2017.


What Are Eyelash Extensions?


Lash extensions are used to enhance the length, thickness, and curliness of your natural lashes. The most common materials used are mink, synthetic hair, and synthetic silk. Of course, mink is the most expensive of the bunch but also produce the lightest and softest lashes. Synthetic lashes are the thickest and heaviest and give the most dramatic effect out of all the options.  Lastly, the most common materials used for lashes – synthetic silk. This is because they tend to be light on the eye, very dark, and hold their curl best. Individual lashes adhere to your natural lashes, as everyone’s eyelashes and eye shapes are so different your tech will be giving everyone a customized look. They last anywhere from 3-4 weeks as your lashes have a natural shedding cycle, at this point, you will need to have a fill done to get your desired look back.



  • You can literally say ” I woke up like this” I love how glamorous lashes make me feel!
  • I feel like I can get away with wearing very little to no makeup which could save you money and time
  • While the process of getting the lashes can run a little long I have found it to be very relaxing


  • Price, This was a big deterrent for me when I was considering having them done.
  • Upkeep, just like getting false nails, eyelash extensions need to be filled around every 4 weeks and that can get pricey and time-consuming.
  •  There are lots of rules to follow when having eyelash extensions. No oil based face products, no rubbing your eyes, and making sure to brush and cleanse them daily, etc.



My Experience 

Just prior to Christmas I headed over to Eye Candy to have my very first eyelash extension experience. I was welcomed by Brittany, my eyelash tech and asked to fill out some paperwork while she finished up with her previous client  She then explained the process and suggested that the ” classic lashes” were the best option for me as it was my first time. Her next question was if I was going for a more natural look or if I wanted something with a little more oomph. Since it was getting close to Christmas and New Years I definitely was going for something with more drama.


Since I am a glasses wearer she asked to see them on to make sure she chose lashes that weren’t too long. After she was done, I laid down on the bed ( which also has a heating pad!) and closed my eyes. She started off by putting on a gel pad that covered my lower lashes and my under eye and taped it on. Once that was done she turned on her bright light and told me ” just pretend you’re at the beach!”. Once she started the process I didn’t feel any discomfort, if anything it was relaxing. To get a full set of classic lashes it typically takes about 2 hours.




When the set was completed, she used a misting fan to help the glue cure and I was done! I was absolutely blown away by how gorgeous they looked! Brittany then gave me some aftercare instructions and a bag with a mascara wand to brush my lashes with daily. Unfortunately, the following days I started having quite a few of the false lashes falling out. Brittany had warned me to watch for this and if a natural lash wasn’t attached to it to give them a call. I did call and they were able to fit me in very quickly. Eye Candy guarantees their lashes for up to 5 days after application. When I came in she went ahead and filled in the spots where the lashes had fallen out.


I had also been having some burning, especially when I rubbed my eyes or got them wet. I thought this was just my eyes adjusting to the lashes but I soon realized that wasn’t the case. So I reached out to Alena and she asked me to come in ASAP. When I came in we went over all the skin care products I was using on my face. She explained that some type of oil-based product was reactivating the glue and it was irritating my eyes. Since none of my products contained anything to worry about she suggested I get some lash shampoo and cleanse them 1x a day. I decided to cleanse them morning and night after doing some reading and I felt much better. I have come to find out now that if you have oily skin this can also cause the glue to reactivate.


Final Thoughts

While I did have some issues with the lashes initially, everything came out fine in the end. Eyelash extensions are beautiful, but they can be pricey and a bit high maintenance. With that being said I don’t know if I will be able to go back. The convenience and look are a huge sell for me and I think a lot of moms would agree. So, If you have the money in your budget and want to treat yourself, I think lash extensions are the way to go!


Modern Mama Discount!

Alena at Eye Candy has graciously offered to give our readers a fabulous discount! Mention that you have heard about them from Modern Mama and you will receive a 15% discount on ANY service That is including lash services, microblading ( off your 1st session only) and facials. This is only for a limited time so be sure to act fast!


For more information please feel free to visit their website here!

*I received a full set of lashes in exchange for my review, as always all my opinions are my own*

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