Local Review: Treehouse North

In December when we noticed that they were building a Treehouse play place in the North end we could hardly contain our excitement! The south location is great, but quite a drive for us north side/St. Albert families. We visited the newly opened Treehouse North today and I wanted to share my thoughts so that you can plan your visit!

Treehouse North

What I loved:

  • There are lockers when you come in and they are included with admission! This is so great for storing shoes, or in our case my son’s backpack that I didn’t want to lug around all day but might need access to.
  • Almost all of the activities are on one level. This makes keeping track of groups (or siblings) so much easier than moving between two floors.
  • Free WiFi! No explanation needed on this one.
  • Cleanliness. I was so impressed with the friendly staff. We were asked a few times if they could remove the garbage from our table for us! I don’t think I have ever been asked that at any other play place, ever.
  • There are lots of tables. Their are booths and tables with chairs and a lot of them. We had no problem finding a space. A really nice bonus is that the tables are right in the middle so you can see a lot of what your kid is doing while sitting and actually drinking your coffee. (Coffee was tasty and fresh too, by the way!)
  • Educational wall art. I was impressed to see some murals that talked about things unique to Canada as well as occupations.

Treehouse Treehouse

Things to do:

There is no shortage of things to do at Treehouse North! We were there for 3 hours with my 3 year old and could have easily stayed longer. They have a bouncy house, batting cage, arcade games, mini rides, climber/activity centre, slides, ball area with little air guns, one of those interactive screen games on the floor, a toddler area, plasma cars and a racetrack upstairs with pedal cars!


The Toddler Area:

I love that the toddler area in Treehouse North is in a separate room! There is a gate at the door and you can rest assured that your little mover will stay put (we know how stressful it can be with a roaming one year old in a big play place!). Babies and toddlers can enjoy a more relaxed and quiet space with a ball pit, magnetic table, tunnels, play kitchen, mini climber/slide and more. This area is for kids under 32″.

Treehouse Toddler

The Food:

There are both hot and cold options. We chose a veggie tray, cheese stick and ham sandwich on whole wheat for about $12. Everything was fresh and tasty. There are also a variety of kid friendly snacks like fruit puree pouches, animal crackers, cereal, fruit snack, etc. Hot food was limited to things like pizza, hot dogs, chicken nuggets and fries. But, I did notice yam fries on the menu!

Treehouse Food

Party Rooms:

All of the party rooms are upstairs and out of the way of the rest of the traffic. I like this for a few reasons- more privacy when enjoying your snacks, cake, presents as well as a bit more security when you have all your purses and gifts left out. The party rooms all had fun murals on the walls and televisions.

Treehouse Birthday

Exciting perks:

Yesterday I overheard that there was a Minion visiting children and on the weekend it was Olaf- I’m hoping regular appearances by our favourite characters will be happening!
About an hour after lunch, they announced on the speaker that they were giving away mini cupcakes to everyone. Just like that, for free! It was a sweet little surprise and a nice touch.

Treehouse North is also offering a ‘Parents Date Night’ on February where you can drop off your children (ages 4-10) for 3-3.5 hours for $29.95 and this includes a snack. Second child is $14.95.

Treehouse North


Rates vary based on day of the week and ages. For the pricing chart please click here.

There are some special deals this February like early bird discounts, free coffee Mondays, free face painting and more. Check out their website for more details.

Treehouse North

Treehouse North is located at 4235 139 Avenue NW, Edmonton. You can visit their website here!

Have you been yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts!





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      Hey Trish! I’m not sure about their policies, you would have to call them and ask. When we were there today I was impressed with the cleanliness and there were hand sanitizers everywhere.

  2. 3

    Just wondering what ages this is best for? My 11 year old and his friends keeping asking to go…. Would they have fun, or is it more geared towards preschoolers?

    • 4

      I would say 11 would likely be ok in the evening, they might not stay as entertained as long as the little ones though!

  3. 5

    I just wanted to leave my opinion on this place as well. I went there this afternoon i was there for 2. 5hrs and it was amazing. I have a 17 month old daughter and she loved it. It was so clean. Employees were amazingly friendly and right on top of e verything. Keeping it clean making sure riles are followed etc. But i now came here this evening at 730 and i am disgusted with it. Chairs are everywhere garbage everywhere nothing is cleaned up. Kids breaking rules and the employees are no where around. I am very disappointed with this and i think i will only be coming during the day. As there is no clean table to sit at. Im 8. 5 months pregnant as well so sitting is my best friend right now lol.

  4. 6

    Also they have the toddler room closed already has been since about 8pm. And you can not order drinks or food or anything like that after 8 as well. Which i find is not roght. The food i can see for making but drinks and that. Is ridiculous it should be open until at least 845 in my opinion

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