Local Review: Uplay Indoor Playground & Trampoline Park

North Edmonton’s newest indoor play playground and trampoline park, Uplay, has opened their doors and we checked it out last week to see what all the hype was about! After months of hiding from winter at indoor play places it was nice to try something new and sparkling clean.

Uplay Indoor Playground

Entry Process

When you enter the facility there is a large coat area with cubbies and hooks as well as lots of benches for you to help your toddler with their shoes (thank you to whoever planned this)! You must wear socks, so don’t forget to stash a pair in your purse as we approach sandal season. There is a waiver that you must complete for yourself and child(ren) before you can enter. There are only two computers that do this so to avoid lineups complete the waiver at home straight from their website. Each parent/supervisor and child gets a stamp with am identical number for safety, and these ones don’t wash off easily. Again, thank you for this! I really hate when we go to these places and the numbers wash off as soon as we go to the bathrooms or hit up the hand sanitizer! It also makes me wonder if anyone actually pays attention to these numbers, since they are often half erased by the time we leave. (More on this later…)

My initial impression once we entered the main area was that the layout is well planned. The trampoline park is off to the  far side, so if you are not interested in having your child participate in that area it is fairly concealed. Read- this helps to avoid tantrums! On the whole, Uplay is bright and colourful and exactly what I would expect a higher quality play place to be.


Indoor Playground/Climbing Structure

The main focus, for my 2 year old and his 4 year old cousin, was the large climbing structure! There is a twisty tube slide (better for older kids) and 4 gentle slower slides for the smaller kids. This area is a complex maze that is easy enough for mom or dad to follow your child along in without getting stuck or feeling claustrophobic. I was impressed with the variety of problem solving situations the maze provided for my son- he had to swerve, balance, dodge and climb his way around and I could see the wheels turning as he worked on getting back to his starting point. There is also a great look out spot where kids can see down below if they are nervous or just want to wave to mom.

There is an area with air guns that shoots balls but it was not running when we visited. This didn’t disappoint me as I find them loud and overly stimulating for my 2 year old! Below the climbing structure is a nice quiet space with small ride on cars.

Uplay Indoor Playground

Toddler Area

The younger ones, I would say appropriate for crawlers and those who are just walking to about 3 years old, have not been forgotten about at Uplay! There is an open but defined toddler area just off the side from the climbing structure/maze. I like this for 2 reasons. 1) You can be watching your younger one in the toddler space and still see the area that your older child is in. 2) The toddler space is visible and right beside the tables and chairs, so you can (maybe) sit and drink a tea while supervising the young ones. This area has a tunnel, smaller slides, large soft shapes for climbing, some games on the wall (great for encouraging pulling and standing for the wee ones) as well as soft blocks that can velcro to the wall. We had a 1 year old who was entertained as well as a 2 and 4 year old who went back and forth from this area to the climbing structure.

Uplay Toddler Area

Games Area

There is also a video games area that you can buy tokens for and then redeem tickets won for a variety of toy prizes. We didn’t try this out as I find most kids under 3 are just happy to pretend play these games and watch the screens. There is a whack-a-frog game, mini bowling, driving game, water squirting duck game, ball toss and more.

Trampoline Park

After spending time in all the other areas we didn’t explore the trampoline park, but we took a peak. It looks like a fun and smaller trampoline park option for younger kids, but I could see teens being entertained in this space as well. There is a foam pit as well as basketball nets that looked really fun for the bigger kids. We played for about 2 hours and ate lunch which was enough for our young group. If your child is younger, easily over stimulated or you just don’t have a lot of time I would save the trampolines for another visit. I know we will be back to try them.

Uplay Trampoline Park

Party Rooms

4 private party rooms surround the exterior and would make a great space for birthday parties or special events. You can choose from different tropical themes: Tiki Island, Tropical Island, Sandcastle or Blue Lagoon. The rooms looked clean and bright and a lot better than a party with 15 kids in my living room:) You are not permitted to bring any outside food for your party, but you can bring the cake.

Uplay Party Room

Food Options

The menu items are sufficient. There are the usual kid friendly items like hot dogs, chicken fingers, pizza, and Goldfish & Cheerios in baggies. I was happy to see healthy options as well! These included salads, sandwiches on whole wheat bread, wraps, veggie platters, yogurt tubes, milk and a hummus & pita platter. We chose the cheese pizza and veggies for the kids, all 3 enjoyed it. Myself and my friend tried the turkey and roast beef wraps, both were fresh. I also noticed a nice selection of herbal teas and, of course, there is coffee!

Uplay Concession

Staff & Safety

When it was time to leave, my child had a five alarm melt down. (We may have pushed it too close to nap time!) Nola, one of the owners, was wonderful during this less than ideal situation. In my hurry to get the tantrum-mess-of-a-toddler into the car we missed having our hands checked for matching stamps. Nola came over to the coat area and made sure I was indeed leaving with my screaming child and brought some balloons to try and distract him. I appreciated the attention to safety and assistance!

Location, Rates & Hours

Uplay is located at 13983-156 St and the entrance faces north. They are open 7 days a week from 10am-9pm. Admission prices are as follows:


Trampoline: 1hr Additional hr
Ages 5 and up $12.95 $6.95
Ages 4 and under $8.95 $4.95
Playground: All Day Unlimited
Ages 5 and up $11.95
Ages 4 and under $7.95
Combo Packages: 1hr trampoline Wacky Wednesdays
Ages 5 and up $17.95 $13.95
Ages 4 and under $13.95 $9.95






*The combo package includes  1 hr Trampoline & all day Playground areas


Trampoline: 1hr Additional hr
Ages 5 and up $14.95 $6.95
Ages 4 and under $10.95 $4.95
Playground: All Day Unlimited
Ages 5 and up $13.95
Ages 4 and under $9.95
Combo Packages: 1hr trampoline
Ages 5 and up $17.95
Ages 4 and under $13.95







*The combo package includes  1 hr Trampoline & all day Playground areas

Have you visited Uplay yet? Let me know your thoughts! XO,


*This post was not sponsored, and all opinions stated are my own.



  1. 1

    I was there last week and my kids and I loved it! My kids cannot stop talking about it and have been asking when we are going back. I love the fact that there is something for everyone. My 14 year old tagged along and even he had a great time. Children under 2 are free. They also give a discount for families with more than 2 children. You have to pay full price for the first two, but then you get a discount (I believe it’s 5% off) for the rest of your kids. If you are playing in the trampoline park they give you a pair of Uplay socks that have grips on the bottom. The grippy socks are for safety on the trampolines. I was told that if you keep your socks and bring them in your next visit, they will give you $1.00 off. Overall, we had a fantastic time and will definitely be going back!

    • 2

      Sorry, I just re-read this after I posted it and I just realized an error. It’s supposed to say children under 1 are free, not 2.

  2. 3

    We went when it first opened and it is really nice but found it quite expensive. Will definitely go back on their Wednesday sale day.

  3. 4

    I read the reviews on google and they said that the staff was very racist which i don’t believe. Everyone had a smile on their face when they greeted costumers. I went a couple days ago, they were always cleaning. Amazing staff!! I loved going there as much as my kids did. And now the Uplay socks are not mandatory which makes everything easier. I love how everyone smiles when they see you. When i complained about the games not working, there was always someone to come fix them. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone!!!

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