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As we build up to our fabulous Mama Blogs! event on September 12th, I’m posting my favourite things about the incredible bloggers who are speaking at the event.

First up – Melissa Carr of The Thirties Grind!

Why I love this blog:I love Melissa’s writing style. It’s sassy, funny, and intelligent, with just the right amount of edge. Also, as a 30-something myself, the blog’s name and topics are quite relevant to me.  The tagline for her blog is “get up, go to work, raise kids, pay bills, sleep. repeat.” She’s managed to encapsulate my entire life in 6 words – amazing!

And of course, her most famous blog feature is her Absurd Vancouver Property of the Week. I remember the first time I read this feature, I laughed out loud and then sent it to all my friends. Every week, she picks a price point and compares what you can get for this amount of money in different cities. Inevitably, it’s always these gorgeous houses in everything city except Vancouver, which gets you pretty much an old shack. Her pictures truly make you realize how absurd the Vancouver real estate prices are, as does her sign-off line for this column: “Vancouver…are you f*%#ing kidding me?” Whenever I think about moving to a different house in this market, I go to The Thirties Grind to remind myself that I am likely fine where I am for now 🙂

The Thirties Grind started earlier this year and has already reached over 100,000 visits. Melissa was also named Vancouver Mom’s Top Blogger for 2012.

What I want to ask Melissa at the Mama Blogs! Event:

– What are your tips in finding your writing style and voice on your blog?
– Getting to over 100,000 visits is amazing! Did you have a specific plan to build your blog audience?
– Do you have any useful tips or tools to make the blogging process as efficient as possible?

Melissa will be on our panel of amazing Mom Bloggers at our Mama Blogs! event on September 12th.

We’ll be featuring all our panelists this week. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s featured blogger: Amber Strocel of

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