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935367_429235017172374_114846773_nMama Blogs was presented by Ron Hodgson at Century Grill on April 23rd and packed with information on blogging plus a sensational hit! Sheri from This Bird’s Day, Lori from Frugal Edmonton Mama and Christina of The DIY Mommy answered questions from Nicola Doherty of Entrepeneur Mom Now Edmonton, our moderator for the evening. Here are some highlights.

Advice on blogging from an experienced blogger is as good as gold. Here are some golden tips; Lori sets goals for herself and always has a daily goal in mind, Christina says to be passionate about your blogging and to be consistent (if you blog once a week then always blog once a week) and Sheri said do not compare yourself to other bloggers or blogs and your words will mean something to someone someday. A beautiful quote from the evening wasbetter to write for yourself and have no public than write for the public and have no self. Be yourself and the first post is always the hardest. Lastly if you want to start a blog, then start a blog!

Social Media is a HUGE part of blogging and it affects how people gravitate towards blogs. Suggested venues for connecting with people and broadcasting your blogging content are instagram, youtube, google+, forkly (for food blogs), pinterest, facebook and twitter. To save time as a mom you can auto post your blog content to facebook and twitter, if it’s really good content then you can share again later. Find the social media nitch that works best for your blog, Christina’s blog readership exploded from Pinterest because her DIY blog is a visual blog that perfectly suits Pinterst.

So how do they do it? How are they fabulous mamas and successful bloggers? Every blogger said that their phone is a BIG benefit; they could check pinterest, facebook, twitter, put a photo on instagram and even write a post to email to themselves to edit later while still being a mom. Lori wakes up 1 hour before her girls and uses the time to work. Nap time and bedtime are also when Christina and Sheri get work done without distractions. On average each blogger spends 2 hours a day working on their blog.

Blogging as a business is possible and these mama bloggers prove it. Brands/companies are starting to realize the value in blogs Lori said. Brands are looking for blog credibility and will usually start approaching you at your one year mark of blogging. As a business mama and blogger you need to think “what can I do for this brand?”. Christina gets most excited about the pitches she has to done to PR companies that represent brands she want to work with, like The brand fabric. com fits Christina’s niche of blog while staying true to her personal voice and earning a living. A great way to make money is to host or co-host twitter parties with a brand like Lori has done. Read about twitter parties HERE. Bloggers can also earn money or product in lieu by reviewing a product; all bloggers expressed that when reviewing a product you need to stay true to your beliefs and be honest with your readers. Even if that results in a negative review of the product. Ads on your blog can also generate money; google ads and she blogs media are popular.

Thank you to Sheri, Lori, Christina and Nicola for an amazing evening! Below is a list of local mama bloggers who were in attendance, let’s start an Edmonton Mama Blogs Community! Follow and support these local mama’s.

Mama Blogs was Presented by Ron Hodgson!

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