My Teeth Are Feeling Squeeky Clean #GetTheFeeling


I recently told you about how the Sonicare Diamond Clean arrived (in pink no less!) on my doorstep.

I immediately loved the design, the very-cool charging station that doubles as an actual rinsing glass and holder for the toothbrush and the multiple settings. (see my previous post to see pics of these features)

What I didn’t know immediately is how long the charge would last and how the new toothbrush would make my teeth, and whole mouth, feel.

I love it!

I’ve been using it now for well over two weeks on one charge, with no dying in sight.  The manual says that one charge lasts up to three weeks, and I believe it! Makes it’s so easy to look pretty on your counter and take with you on weekend getaways.

My favourite settings are the default and the whitening. I’m always buying and trying the latest and greatest whitening toothpastes, so I am interested in seeing how the whitening setting works over the long term.

IMG_9060 (1)

I also love that the head is smaller than my old toothbrush and fits nicely behind my back molars – which is where my dentist is always reminding me NOT to forget about.

All things in consideration, I’m very happy with my new Sonicare DiamondClean.



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