No More “Dr. Google” in Manitoba


Waiting rooms – both at walk in clinics and emergency rooms – can seem like such a pain.

Waiting for hours, sometimes longer, only to find out (usually) that the symptoms you are experiencing – that you are sure are killing you – is just seasonal allergeries, or that the monstrosity on your face – that you are sure is a skin disease – is just acne.

Nobody likes waiting in waiting rooms, so if you are like me, you Google your symptoms.

Which usually leads to you thinking you have cancer, or a brain tumor, or something much worse than it really is!

Well, let me be the first to tell you the good news!


Manitoba is one of the lucky Canadian provinces where pharmacists can actually asses your condition, and if needed, write you a prescription!

Conditions like, eczema, acne, seasonal allergies, joint and muscle pain and even prescription refills(dependent on prescription type) can be done right at your local pharmacy.

I recently had the pleasure of using my local pharmacist for a prescription.

Being a mom of two, with one bundle of joy on the way, it can be so extremely difficult for me to find the time to go to the doctor for anything that seems minor on a day to day basis.

Like many moms, I am experiencing EXTREME morning sickness.  Terrible morning sickness. That lasts ALL DAY!

I had a prior prescription of Diclectin, to attempt to help aide my symptoms, but was in desperate need of more – with no time to wait in my doctors walk-in waiting room.


Desperate to get a prescription done quickly, I wandered over to my local pharmacist, and not only were they extremely helpful, kind, and understanding, but they were able to help!

Getting a new (yet smaller) prescription for the drug that was keeping my day almost livable, had never been easier!

I was so impressed!

Relying on “Dr. Google” or waiting in a waiting room, can be such a hassle – and misinformative – so I would urge you to speak with your local Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacist for more information and advice to help to deal with your families prescription needs, before giving up all together!


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**This is a sponsored/paid post. I did receive something of value for this post, however all opinions and views are my own**


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