No Stress Birthday Party for 2 Kids!

Okay I might have been stressed.  Only slightly stressed. Like “you can’t remember who RSVP’d” stressed. NOT “your in laws are coming  to stay with you for a week” stressed AND definitely not “hey let’s travel across the country with 2 kids and come back 3 days before you have a BIG exam” super uber stressed.


Allison_inviteFinalI went old school and mailed my invitations. No Facebook event. No email invitations. Yes it is more work, but I loved getting GOOD mail, don’t you? I chose a neutral design  and customized it. I still really love the sweet & simple design.




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Java Mama St. Albert was a perfect venue for the age of children we were hosting; mostly 1 – 3 years old. My older nieces (5 & 6) had just as much fun as the younger guests! Java Mama also has a great baby play area. Having winter babies it makes it hard to host a big group at home. Check out my write-up on St. Albert venues to host a birthday party HERE!

2000-01-01 00.12.46Java Mama St. Albert did all the set-up, clean up and provided fruit, veggie and cheese/crack trays (additional cost).  My husband was so happy about these facts. Really happy! Look at happy he was!




Picking a theme for a 1 year old girl & 3 year old boy is HARD! Really hard. Some gender neutral ideas I liked are rainbow themething 1 & thing 2cookies & milk themeradio flyer theme and carnival theme

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My pick? Animal theme. Rhino’s, Giraffe’s, Elephants’s, Lion’s & Hippo’s joined our celebrations! Our balloons, candy bowls and straws were from Sweet Social (perks cardholders receive 10% off). The Great Canadian Dollar Store in St. Albert filled our helium balloons. One balloon is still floating along our ceiling!


2000-01-01 00.08.21Grandin Bakery baked a purple Hippo & a yellow Lion cake for the party! Nothing crazy. Simple. Tasty. Nut-Free Bakery. And cute! For food I provided pizza from  Nitza’s Pizza plus the platters Java Mama provided, chips and candy. Guests loved the pizza! Ever tried Nitza’s Pizza? Java Mama also provided cutlery and plates, which is a great alternative to disposables.



2000-01-01 00.04.34-1 2000-01-01 00.10.03We had a great time with amazing family and friends!

Thank you to Evie Rose Photography for capturing our Birthday Fun!


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