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Organize Your Mind

Does your mind feel cluttered? Do you feel overloaded? overwhelmed? anxious?  

It is pretty much a trait of any parent these days.  Everyone is dealing with a lot and  everyone’s mental health is being tested. How will we stay sane and get through this? 

Did you know that a decluttered mind can improve your focus, enable you to complete tasks and achieve better balance?  A decluttered mind can alleviate stress, improve concentration and improve your memory.


How do you declutter your mind?

You need to “dump” and log that information that is in your mind, twice a day.  Just spend 5-10 minutes twice a day, whenever it is most convenient to your routine.  This will help you empty and organize your brain.  Your brain feels satisfied that the problems are being acknowledged, categorized, and removed.

Log your thoughts in a digital app or progam like Onenote, docs, word or use good old fashioned pen and paper.  Maybe even buy a nice notebook.


Step 1 – Dump any and every thought in your head into the app/on to the paper. Any thought,idea, concern, question, idea, anything! No need to make it look nice and pretty, no sorting, just write it all down in no particular order. The idea is to just get it all out. The sorting will come later.

Step 2: after you have jotted everything down, ask yourself, if you need or want to act on any of them TODAY.

If yes, add that item to a to-do list.   You will start an ongoing task/to do list for items like this.

If no, then sort the ideas/questions/concerns.

  • Start a file for your ideas. Something you can refer to when you are ready and have time to do something with the ideas.
  • If it is a question or concern, start a journal. Record all your questions in the journal to mull over at another time.
  • Are any of the concerns, questions, ideas, tasks things you need to act on today?  If so add them to your to-do list.
  • Use this as an opportunity to also write down things in your journal that you are grateful for. 

Tick the items off as you tackle them. There is nothing more fulfilling than crossing something off the to-do list.


Some other tips: 

  1. Don’t multitask. The human brain is physiologically incapable of multitasking beyond breathing and talking.  When we think we are multitasking, we are actually just switching our brain’s focus from one task to another and its an unhealthy practice. 
  2. Disconnect from technology – get outside, do something to reflect, refresh and re energize!
  3. Be mindful – practice mindfulness, meditation or both. Mindfulness isn’t about clearing your mind, but rather focusing on one thing. 
  4. Practice putting stuff back into the same place – don’t move stuff around or just leave things wherever. There is nothing worse than the feeling of misplacing something and all that time and effort spent trying to retrace steps and find it again. 
  5. Make sure you take breaks – give yourself time to regroup. Use your time to do something enjoyable and stimulating. 
  6. Get adequate sleep.
  7. Learn something new. 


The above tips are a compilation of information from Power of Positivity and Lifehack.

Happy Organizing!

Tina Evans



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