Our Top 10 Fathers Day Gift Idea’s 2020

Fathers day is just around the corner and I don’t know about you but I still haven’t found the perfect gift. So, I figured I would be together with a list of ideas for all of you while I hunt down a gift for some of the favorite men in my life.


1. Craft Beer Subscription

fathers day

For my husband’s birthday, I put together a craft beer advent calendar and he absolutely loved it. So, a craft beer subscription is right up his alley! You can choose how many months you would like to do it for and every month your dad will get all different kinds of craft beers to try. I know my local liquor store also does beer subscriptions but you would have to check out what your area has to offer.


2. Specialty Meat

fathers day

If your dad or husband is an avid BBQer then I might suggest looking to your local butcher shop for a gift. Many butcher shops offer freezer packs of high-quality meats! I would find some special cuts that he wouldn`t normally treat himself to.

3. New BBQ Grill

fathers day

This has to top the list of things my husband has asked for this year. We have had our bbq passed down to us from my parents that got it from their parents. A well-made BBQ can last generations!


4. Air Fryer

fathers day

Photo Credit: https://www.philips.ca/

Chicken wings are basically a food group for my husband. The limits are endless when you have an air fryer and we have certainly gotten tons of use out of ours. We have a T-Fal Actifry and while we love it because it automatically spins rotating our food for an even fry. There are limits to what you can cook in it because of that. When we need to replace ours I think we will get one with a standard basket.


5. Cocktail Subscription

fathers day

Photo Credit: Crafty Cocktails

If your dad isn’t a beer fan but loves a great cocktail this subscription is for him. Each month you’re sent a themed box using one type of alcohol ( vodka, tequila, gin, etc). In this box is a bunch of fun recipes and everything you need ( besides the alcohol itself). A lot of these boxes come with very hard to find ingredients so it is well worth the money.

We recommend checking out Crafty Cocktails! They offer a 3-month subscription for $180 and are a Canadian company as well.


6. Insulated Mug

fathers day

Photo Credit: Brumate Facebook

Now that Summer is basically here the struggle to keep your drink icy cold begins. We are a sucker for a killer insulated mug and even if your dad isn’t a drinker it can be used for any type of beverage! Our two favorites are Yeti and Brumate.

7.  Round Of Golf

fathers day

If the golf courses near you are open and your dad is a fan of golf this is a fantastic option! If they aren’t most places don’t have an expiry date for their gift cards so he can enjoy it whenever it works for him.


8. Multi-Tool

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Photo credit: MEC

I can’t tell you how many times my husband having his multi-tool on his belt has come in handy. Whether it be opening a gift on Christmas morning or just everyday things around the house we think anyone would love one of these tools.


9. Video Game Streaming Subscription


fathers day

With all our time spent at home, your gamer dad may be in need of some new games. That’s why we love streaming subscriptions!  During COVID we purchased Playstation Now and it has been great with giving my husband and son hundreds of game options. I believe XBOX also offers a similar service call Game Pass.


10. Wireless Meat Thermometer

fathers day

Photo credit: Amazon


My FIL was actually lucky enough to receive one of these for Christmas one year and it is fantastic if you are BBQing in the winter. During the Summer its no problem to check in on what you are cooking but who loves to bundle up constantly to check on your meal?! Love that it connects right to your phone and gives you alerts.


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