Most Overlooked Hospital Bag Items You Need For The Big Day!

The day is closely approaching and you are so excited, but also very nervous about what is  to come. Your baby is almost due and you are checking everything you can off your lists before the big arrival day. Their room is setup perfectly, their clothes are all folded and put away, you have a range of diaper sizes already and you think you have it all; but are you sure? From experience here at Modern Mama we know there are things that get left out. Which is why we have a list of the most overlooked hospital bag items you need for the big day!

Never Enough Food

This is the number one thing most moms overlook or under pack on. Food isn’t always readily available during the time you go into labor so make sure you have taken the time to pack more than a few good snacks to keep both you and your partner going. With this, make sure you have water bottles packed as well just in case things are busy in the hospital. Often their cups are very small for how thirsty you and your partner might become.

All The Clothes

Most moms we talked to always had one thing to say: “we wished we had brought baggier pants and more clothes”. After c-sections things can be more swollen than you think so going for those stretchy yoga pants might be a big no go in the end. Packing very loose fitting clothing is always the safest bet when it comes to your after birth comfort. Try a skirt or long maxi dress for supreme added comfort all around. That being said make sure you are also packing enough clothes for a few days. Sometimes your stay can be unexpectedly long and it is always best to be prepared as much as possible. More underwear, more baggy clothes, more peace of mind. You also don’t want to forget to pack a few things for your partner too. You might want to include a swimsuit for them in case you are in the hot shower a lot soothing during contractions. 

hospital Bag

Clean and Happy

Nothing can make you feel better after having a baby like a nice shower, but did you remember your toiletries? You might also be put in a position where you aren’t able to shower which means you need to plan for that to. Making sure you have little bottles of your favorite shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo are essential for keeping your spirits up. There is nothing more soothing than feeling and looking clean after baby. Plus with family coming to the hospital to visit and take pictures having these to wash up quick can make all the difference to your confident smile.

Tunes Improve Your Mood

Music can be a huge factor to your mood while going through labor and it is always overlooked. Making sure you have a great birthing playlist is essential for keeping your mood up which is needed to help keep your head in the game. There are some great playlists out there and this great one from Fit Pregnancy is one of my top choices! Of course I would go in armed with more than one playlist since some deliveries can be long, very long.

Comforts From Home

Hospitals are great and everything but they just are not as comfortable as home can be. Bringing a few comforts like your comfiest housecoat, best rubber soled slippers, and maybe even a nice pillow can add some incredible comfort. Giving birth is hard and it is best to bring all your favorite comfort objects to help you bring your little miracle home. This way, if they let you walk around, you can walk to the hospital’s coffee shop in comfy style!

We hope this list makes your labor experience just that much more amazing. This is an experience of a lifetime and you want to be as happy and as can be!

What did you wish you brought in your hospital bag but didn’t?

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