Product Review: Maple Organics

maple organics

I was given a beautiful package of Maple Organics products to use a couple months ago and have been using them regularly. It’s now my total pleasure to tell you about them!

Maple Organics is a local company featuring the first Canadian USDA Organic Certified body and baby care products. The unique ingredient in Maple Organics is Indian Kokum Butter – nourishing, natural, and effective for a baby’s delicate skin. It can be used everyday with your baby, or also used for eczema. Owner Rosy Atwal is taking the tried & true traditions from her mother’s and grandmother’s teachings in India and bringing them to us in the form of beautiful products that are safe for baby.

Overall, I love this line and definitely see myself buying it again. It smells great, and the products are organic and all naturally-derived, something I’m very conscious about. I have cross-referenced them with my handy “to avoid” list from the book There’s Lead in Your Lipstick, and this product is fantastic and true to its promises.

Here are the products I reviewed:

Kokum Baby Wash – A light and effective baby wash. It is quite watery, but it lathers up well between your hands. I used this product to wash my baby’s body and hair, but the wash seemed to sting his eyes a bit, so I switched to a shampoo for his hair after a while.

Kokum Baby Lotion – A silky texture and light weight, I slather this over my little boy’s body after his bath to keep all the moisture in! I use it for my hands too as it absorbs very nicely.

Kokum Diaper Balm – Now this is THE ONE. My absolute favourite product of the group. An all natural, super effective diaper balm. My little guy developed some diaper rash soon after I started trialing these products and the diaper balm was a complete saviour. It’s the perfect consistency – thick but not too thick so it’s hard to apply. It’s so nourishing and was incredibly effective on my son’s diaper rash. I am almost out of our jar and will be buying another one without question. While I have not tried a lot of diaper balms, I really cannot imagine finding one better than this one. Modern Mama has been giving out samples of this incredible product and will continue to hand them out at future events!

I didn’t review this product, but I am intrigued by their Baby & Toddler Cold & Flu Therapy. It strikes me as a natural alternative to a vapo rub style product and I think it’ll come in handy when cold season strikes.

Maple Organics has a line for adults and babies. Buy Maple Organics on their website or at your local Choice’s Markets.


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