Punch and Drop ~ ‘Green’ Toy Review

We recently had the opportunity to test out a ‘green’ toy; “Punch and Drop” by Plan Toys. The Punch and Drop is a simple, wooden toy that supports coordination, motor skills and concentration.

 punch and drop

H & O both enjoy playing with this toy and often fight over who gets to play with it. I love that it is simple, composed of natural materials (wood) and isn’t animated. The boys love that they can hit/push the balls and there is a wooden mallet. H is 2.5 yrs old and understands that hitting the balls with the mallet makes them fall through the hole and roll out the opening on the side. O is 1 yr old and likes to push the balls through the hole with his hands and when the balls roll out the side he is thrilled to chase after them. It is great to see both of them learning cause and effect as they play with this toy. However I will admit that as much as I like this toy, I dislike how loud the hammering can be. Both of the boys enjoy swinging the hammer and listening to the sound it produces when it strikes objects and for that reason this toy (along with the other noise makers) take a break for quiet time.

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Our friends at Green Please Inc are giving away a Punch and Drop toy to one lucky reader! Green Please Inc is an online company based out of Manitoba; started by a Mom who is committed to offering her family a “green living” lifestyle. They offer a wide variety of green products that support a healthy lifestyle; ranging from household products to reusable containers to toys and more!


Our “Inspiring Green Living” philosophy is based on years of questioning, searching and testing greener product options that are natural, more healthful and that work! We want to help individuals and families feel good about choosing high quality green items and choosing a “health”-style that supports the “Precautionary Principal”. ~Taken directly from www.greenpleaseforyou.com

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*Disclaimer ~ I was not compensated for writing this post and the opinions shared above are truly my own*

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