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One of my personal missions this year was to experience and try new things that I hadn’t before. Another mission was to start exploring and incorporating more holistic methods for managing daily life issues or concerns. When I got the opportunity to try reflexology I jumped at the chance as it fit my two ‘mission criteria’.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural therapy which can restore balance, relieve pain, dispel symptoms, and assist in maintaining good health throughout the body. This is done by applying moderate pressure on specific points on the hands and/or feet, which stimulates the nervous system to begin the healing process. (Source: Reflextions Healing Website) Dayna, my therapist, shared that many of her clients see her for issues related to sleep, anxiety, stress, boosting the immune system, achieving hormonal balance, relieving back pain and achieving overall inner harmony and awareness.


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My Experience:

When I arrived at her office Dayna warmly greeted me and we reviewed my health, medications and concerns. I felt comfortable and cared for in this welcoming environment. The smell of delicious essential oils float through the air and the beautiful office has a sense of peace and calm.

Once we completed the consultation and history piece I laid down on my back on a comfy table (think elevated massage table with blankets and pillows). Dayna typically includes Colour Therapy in her sessions. This is done by turning the regular lights low and turning on a coloured light by your head. For my session she chose a blue/purple light; different colours works on different aspects of a person’s wellbeing. Also included in her sessions are the use of Young Living Oils. Dayna used a new blend called “Reconnect” that I found relaxing yet uplifting at the same time.


I felt embarrassed at first to have a stranger (or anyone for that matter) check out my sad looking summer feet, it’s been a while since I’ve had a spa day. Dayna assured me that this was fine and actually better than coming to the appointment with perfectly polished feet. She started by gently rubbing my feet and calves and then began applying pressure in various areas of my foot. I found the pressure to be painless and more like a good foot massage! The theory behind the treatment, as Dayna explained it to a newbie such a myself, is that the pressure points in the feet (or hands, ears) are connected to all areas of the body. When these points are stimulated, the nerve endings are activated, and these nerve endings are connected to the entire nervous system throughout the body. By stimulating the pressure points, circulation greatly improves, congestion is broken down, toxins are eliminated, and the corresponding area of the body has a chance to heal. Indeed, when she applied pressure to certain areas my toes were pulsating and I could feel it in other areas (like my back)!

After the therapy, which I fell asleep during, Dayna shared areas of congestion that she could detect and shared some tips for the future. I won’t share what issues she noticed with me, but I can tell you that she was dead on with them and noticed some things that I had not been paying attention to. It is suggested that most clients return on a regular basis to gain the full benefits of this therapy.

Comfortable treatment room with Colour Therapy

Comfortable treatment room with Colour Therapy

The Results:

While my issues weren’t miraculously cured over the 90 minute session, I never expected that they would, I enjoyed the experience and left feeling peaceful, calm and balanced (pretty much what each mama needs). Dayna noted that some people feel great after a treatment and others sometimes not so well as the body is still in the detoxifying process. I drank lots of water, felt great and had an awesome night’s sleep. I can totally see how this therapy would benefit someone with anxiety, sleep issues or as a compliment to postpartum depression treatment.

Want to try it for yourself? Dayna owns Reflexions Healing and is located in beautiful downtown St. Albert in the New Balance Acupuncture clinic. She offers various therapies, in addition to the Reflexology and Color Therapy that I experienced, such as Reiki Energy Healing, Raindrop Therapy, Reset (jaw balancing), Chakra Balancing and more. Dayna has over 15 years of experience under her belt and is a local St. Albert resident. You can check out her website here:


I enjoyed my experience so much I want you to try it! We are giving away a One Hour Therapeutic Reflexology Session with Dayna of Reflexions Healing (valued at $105), so that you can take some time for YOU. I firmly believe that a family can not properly function and be healthy unless mama takes care of herself and ensures that she is as healthy as can be, so I am happy to offer this opportunity! All you have to do is tell me why you would like to try reflexology in the comments below. (Contest ends September 4th at midnight, MST)



*This is not a sponsored post. I was given a complimentary treatment for the purposes of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions  are my own.

*Please consult your medical doctor if you have any health concerns or if you have any concerns about starting a new therapy. The purpose of this review is to share information about my experience and is in no way intended to treat, diagnose or replace professional medical advice.


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    I would absolutely love love love this session for overall wellbeing and for specific health concerns ❤️

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    Hi my name is Dayna Hutchings . I am a mom of 3. One that is almost 7, one that us 3 and my youngest is 6 months old. I attempted to work 2 jobs and do psychology online 2 months after my youngest was born but I found it too hard and I am currently working as a waitress, while taking a break from my courses and other Job. My partner and I are on and off as he is no help to me. I am going to be honest this therapy would do wonders in my personal life and benefit me greatly!

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    I would love to try reflexology. It sounds heavenly and our feet bear the brunt of our weight so they need so much extra attention.

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    I would love to give this to my Wife as a gift she’s never experienced it before I’m sure she would totally enjoy it. And she so soo deserves it!

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    I have been a migraine sufferer since I was in grade 4, and am now 60. Life has been a struggle, and still no answers to why, just an absolute ton of meds, hard to believe I still have a stomach. I have never tried reflexology for headaches, who knows it could be my answer and a blessing in disguise. I would be forever grateful for a solution to the pain I have endured over almost a lifetime. Thank you for the invitation . Take care

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    I have been a migraine sufferer since grade 4 and now 60. Life has been a struggle and still no answers to why just a ton of meds, hard to believe I still have a stomach. I have never tried reflexology for headaches , who knows it could be my answer and a blessing in disguise. I would be so grateful for a solution to the pain I have endured over almost a lifetime. Thank you for the invitation. Take care

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    Hi! I would love some time to just relax and forget about life for awhile! This would be right up my alley!!!!! Thanks

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    I am the mother to 2 very busy little boys aged 4 and 2 months. I am also finishing my psychology degree by working on it when my boys will allow…which is not as often as I would like. Lol. Any opportunity to relax and have alone time would be greatly appreciated.

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