{Review} Off The Hook Laser And Spa

Self-care, it’s one of those things that tends to fall by the wayside as soon as we become parents. But today I got to enjoy an incredible spa day courtesy of Off The Hook Laser and Spa- and it was MUCH needed. When I entered the spa, I was immediately greeted by the owner- Leanna Fox. She warmly welcomed me, grabbed my paperwork and walked me over to their waiting area. I was offered a beverage and I was surprised to see they had a library! They had them all separated into different genres all ready for you to enjoy, you can also take them home with you and bring them back when you’re finished! After filling out some paperwork, I was off to my first treatment!


Once in the room Amanda my RMT, reviewed the paperwork I filled out. I explained that I worked with a computer a lot and had tension in my shoulders. Once undressed I climbed onto the warm massage bed (I loved the heating pad!). She explained to me that she uses a different technique called Structural Myofascial Therapy. By using this technique she is able to get even deeper into the muscles than even deep tissue massages can. Throughout the treatment, when she went over an area of concern she explained to me what she had noticed. She also gave me tips on how I can help prevent tight, sore muscles in the future. After leaving the massage I felt amazing, not at all sore as I have been with previous therapists


Up next was my brow shape and facial with the owner- Leanna. We started out the appointment with her asking what concerns I have with my skin and that Off The Hook is very much a results-oriented spa.  “Don’t expect us to be lighting candles” said Leanna, their main focus is giving the best treatment possible but also teaching the client. After this, she started measuring and shaping my brows. Honestly, I have never had someone spend so much time and energy into getting the perfect arch. I am so incredibly happy with them, with previous spa’s it was usually a 5-minute appointment but at OTH they take their time and make sure you are 100% happy with the results.

Not going to lie, I was slightly nervous for my facial since they were going to be doing an amino acid peel. All I could picture in my mind was Samantha from Sex In The City and her burnt face- ugh. But Leanna explained that it is a very mild peel and that amino acids are already found in your skin. The peel was a bit tingly but didn’t need to be on long to get the job done, my face felt incredible. She told me that they are very addicting- and I can certainly see why!

Laser Hair Removal

My last treatment before a break was the laser hair removal, this is one of their most popular services that they offer. I had decided to go with my underarms because honestly who enjoys shaving/waxing them. Adrienne went over all the consent forms I needed to fill out with me and explained what to expect during the treatment and aftercare. Of course, I asked about how painful it is, she said It feels like someone snapping an elastic band on the area. She was totally right, it was uncomfortable but totally doable. For those with a lower tolerance for pain they do offer numbing cream- if needed. Once finished she put on some diaper cream, the zinc helps reduce redness and sensitivity. It will take a number of treatments to see results, but I love the idea of not needing to shave that area again!


After my laser treatment was finished I went home, grabbed some lunch and headed back for my last treatment. They invited me to bring a friend to enjoy the pedicure with me, which was so generous. I opted to bring a friend of mine who recently became a mama, I figured she could use the pampering. My friend was a bit nervous to bring her little one since she is only 8 weeks old but they were so accommodating. Leanna said they are a child-friendly spa, they have no problems if your kiddos want to tag along with you. The pedicure was incredibly relaxing and very much needed! The last time I had a pedicure was for my wedding 2 and a half years ago- yikes! Plus, we got to take home the small bottle of our nail polish, buffer and nail file that were used on us.

 Final Thoughts

Off The Hook Laser and Spa recently won the award for the best spa in St.Albert’s T8N magazine, so I was expecting top notch services. But they absolutely blew my expectations out of the water, I could not be more impressed with all the treatments I received. Their products are incredible, they have a wide array of services to choose from but most of all, you can tell how much their staff care. They go out of their way to make sure that you’re comfortable and happy with your treatments but that you also are given some great tips and information as well.

If you’re looking for a new spa, this is it!

Find them at : 102, 30 Green Grove Drive St. Albert Phone: (780) 418-2003 or online at: https://offthehooklaserandspa.com/

* I received complimentary services In exchange for this blog post, as always all opinions are my own*

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