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Arianna Mae Studios

Modern Mama has made it a priority to help highlight some of the wonderful small businesses that are right here in our backyard. Sometimes all a business needs is a little help to get their product/service out there.  We are happy to give back and be able to help so many businesses gain a little exposure, especially in the midst of a pandemic.


Due to the pandemic many businesses have had to shift course and go online/virtual to be able to still supply services to clients. Arianna Mae Studios is music studio offering piano and voice lessons to all ages, ranging from classical to contemporary.  They are based out of Maple Ridge and offer in-person piano lessons with COVID protocols in place, and with the magic of technology, they are now able to offer these services to anyone in Canada. If you are looking for a last minute gift idea, Arianna Mae Studios offers gift certificates that are valid for 4, 6, or 8 x 30 minute or 60 minute voice and/or piano lessons.  You can find them on the Web, Facebook and Instagram.

Arianna Mae Studios

What made you choose this type of business?


I have always wanted to have a career that revolved around music. I have been a

performing musician for many years now, and after finishing up my Masters

Degree in Classical Voice at the University of Toronto in 2017 I began teaching

part-time at one of the top-rated multi-teacher studios there and absolutely loved it.

At that time I was also developing my career as a singer-songwriter and recording

artist, and decided that even though I really love performing, teaching also brought

me a lot of joy. I have combined both by founding Arianna Mae Studios and

continuing to write and record as Arianna Mae, and I really enjoy the balance of

the two.


What is your favourite small business (aside from your own)?


Great question! I LOVE supporting local small business owners, and I think it’s so

important. I’m still fairly newly back to Maple Ridge (it’s been about a decade since

I graduated high-school – yikes!) but I adore the Little Cricket Gift Gallery, the

Chameleon Cafe, Stomping Grounds Cafe & Bistro in Osprey Village (best tea

lattes I have ever had), Bruce’s Market, Keep Well Kept, Therapy Clothing, and

Triple Tree Nurseryland.



If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?


Be scared and do it anyway! Connect with people who run successful businesses

that are great examples of what you are hoping to create. Learn from your

colleagues who are farther along in the game. I was lucky enough to connect with a

group of music teachers online from all over the world; we share everything from

effective business models and strategies to pedagogy. There is this idea out there

that businesses are all in competition with each other, and that there isn’t enough to

go around. But there is! It is so much more fun and productive to work with other

people than it is to work against them.

Arianna Mae Studios

If applicable, has your business been affected by COVID-19? if so, how?


Absolutely! The changes in the way music lessons are run have been pretty drastic.

Back in mid-March, the studio I was working for in Toronto shifted immediately

from in-person to online lessons, and I was blown away by how awesome online

lessons could be! Once I decided that this was the summer I would move back west,

which had always been my long-term plan, I founded Arianna Mae Studios and

began building a roster of students all across Canada thanks to those online

platforms I had begun using in March. In a way, this pandemic has encouraged me

to expand my expectations of what I can offer and who I can offer it to. I really

miss teaching voice students in person and collaborating with other musicians, but

that’s just the name of the game right now. We are so lucky to have all of this

amazing technology at our fingertips!


What are your long-term business goals?


Long term, I hope to continue building my music lessons studio here in Maple

Ridge, BC and managing my career as a songwriter and recording artist. I dream

of one day running a well-renowned multi-teacher studio that allows students of all

ages to come together and do something that they love in a space free of judgment,

and that encourages bravery and expression while building lifelong skills and

relationships. I will also continue to write and record my own music, and make sure

that I always create time for that.


What are you most looking forward to with the launch of your new business?


I am really looking forward to getting to know the community here in Maple

Ridge, and to creating a place for myself where I can serve the people here and

build something beautiful. Music lessons are important for so many reasons; for

some, it’s a weekly act of self-care and an opportunity to take the time to do

something they love. For some kids, it’s the highlight of their week! Other students

are on a mission to share their musical creations as a career. It’s my ultimate goal to

build a brave space where students feel they can express themselves doing

something they love and learn valuable skills in the process.


What is your funniest/weirdest/most memorable experience with a customer or



I get the best stories from the really young students! Our dog run in the backyard is

visible through the window the piano sits against, and once a 6 year old student

turned to me and asked with a serious look on his face ‘Where are the chickens?’.

That cracked me up! He was very disappointed when I answered that

unfortunately, we didn’t have any, and that the fenced in area he could see was for

our dog. For the next couple of weeks, he kept encouraging me to get chickens.


A big thank you to Arianna Mae for being apart of our small business Sunday feature this week!

Arianna Mae Studios

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