Sponsor Spotlight: BC Playthings & Tender Tushies

For this season’s Modern Bump Brunch coming up on May 26th, we’ve decided to post interviews with our event sponsors to personally connect our readers with the people behind these wonderful family-focused businesses. Today we’re featuring interviews with Bree of BC Playthings (a toy store & more located in Edgemont Village) and Rachelle of Tender Tushies (a BC based company that strives to provide cloth diapers for every budget).

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Modern Mama: What do you like about working with your father in a family run business?

Bree: I grew up watching my Dad run his business based on his passion to provide wholesome quality playthings for children. So many children’s toys these days are based on money-making empires, but even through tough times, my Dad never gave in to selling those over-marketed toys that the mainstream toy stores sold. He also taught me to think of our customers as people just like us, and not as dollar-signs walking in the door. This has enabled me to make connections with our customers that I otherwise couldn’t have made. My Dad has been by greatest teacher, and his perseverance in standing by his beliefs has been the greatest thing I have taken from us working together. I can honestly say I love and believe in what I do and I owe that to my Dad.

Modern Mama: What do you love most about working with expecting and new moms as customers?

Bree: The mums that I get to meet and know are some of the greatest blessings of my job. I have mums that come from all corners of life and they come to our store, all for the same reason–to find inspiration to create opportunities for play, exploration, imagination and discovery for their children. I love chatting with mums and hearing about their wonders, or the ‘a-ha’ moments that they’ve shared with their children.

Skwish ImageModern Mama: What’s your best-selling toy for babies that you’ve chosen for your store to nurture & encourage active, wholesome play?

Bree: My favourite toy to sell for babies is a wooden square-sphere that is connected by one continuous elastic. There are wooden beads on all the wooden dowels that make a beautiful but subtle sound when you move it. A 6-month-old can easily grab at it; it can be squished flat and the round ends are great for chewing on. The man who invented it was Canadian and the name actually came from a 2 year old he met who couldn’t pronounce ‘square-sphere’ so she called it a “Skwish” and it’s made by Manhattan Toys! That was back in the 1980’s.

Modern Mama: Why are you looking forward to our Modern Bump Brunch?

Bree: A parent’s connection with their baby through play is so important. The most important thing I learned from my brief stint in Early Childhood Education is that the connections that a baby makes in his or her first year are crucial. Positive connections through wholesome play will promote even more positive connections down the road. I am excited to share some of our ideas for play with the expecting mamas!









Modern Mama: What inspired you to start your own cloth diaper business?

Rachelle: I was actually running a daycare when a new mom introduced me to cloth diapering! Once I realized how easy it was and the huge environmental impact I was having, I wanted to share with other moms and everything just took off from there.

Modern Mama: What do you love most about working with expecting and new moms?

Rachelle: I love meeting fantastic women, and the chance to connect and share my personal cloth diapering experiences is amazing. I love showing families how easy it really is to cloth diaper and to change our carbon footprint. Of course, getting to hang out with super cute babies is an added bonus!

Modern Mama: What is your best selling product, and any thoughts as to why that is?

Rachelle: Our best selling product is definitely our cloth diapers. We offer a high quality, affordable product that is easy to use and environmentally friendly. I really believe people are starting to make more of an effort to leave our planet a better place for our children.

Modern Mama: Why are you looking forward to our Modern Bump Brunch?

Rachelle: We are looking forward to meeting some fabulous mamas-to-be, and sharing our passion for cloth diapering!


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