Spring 2014: Introducing our new team of Feature Writers

WOW! What a response we had to our casting call.

After pouring over all the applications…

we’ve narrowed the list down to TWELVE. Twelve inspiring mamas. Twelve women that will affect you, change you, make you think and make you laugh.

It wasn’t easy to decide, that’s for sure.

There’s so much we could say about these amazing women but rather than go on, we’ll introduce them to you instead.

Introducing the first FIVE of our Spring 2014 team

1. Kelly Duran

Kelly Duran

Kelly started her blog – Write. Run. Mum. – to satisfy her need for a writing outlet as well as create a diary of her life as a working mother of two girls. She says her blog represents three of the most important things in her life:  Writing (to keep my sanity), Running (to improve my health) and being a Mum (my everything). You can find Kelly on twitter @writerunmum.

 2. Heather Van Mil

Heather van Mil

Heather van Mil is the General Manager at Gymboree Play & Music by day and Freelance Writer and Blogger at www.lifeloveandthepursuitofplay.com by night. Somewhere in between she is also a wife and momma to 2 beautiful girls who frequently inspire the content on her Facebook, Twitter and too many other social media feeds to count!

3. Sharilyn Kuehnel

Sharilyn Keuhnel

Sharilyn Kuehnel is a full time artist and stay at home Mom- living in the heart of a busy Canadian City she strives to live the slow life with a busy young family. Her passion lies in crafting a handmade life- exploring the beauty and simplicity of everyday life- making every day from scratch as best as she can. When she isn’t making things Sharilyn can be found exploring all the local hot spots with her family- hiking to some of the most beautiful places and staying outdoors as much as possible! You can follow along on the family’s adventures over on Weekdays From Scratch.

4. Joleen Dilk Salyn

Joleen 34-1

Joleen Dilk Salyn is a certified pediatric sleep consultant and founder of Baby Sleep 101. She helps tired parents get their children sleeping through the night by working with the science of sleep and healthy sleep best practices. She is a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and in addition to her certification as a sleep consultant, also holds a Bachelor of Education, and Post Baccalaureate in Education. Joleen is also a mother to two wonderful children.

5. Stephanie Hawkins

Stephanie Hawkins, headshot.jpg

Stephanie Hawkins is the founder and principal operator of Haven Home Organizing. As a business-owner and dedicated domestic engineer, she has a passion for helping busy parents simplify their home lives. With two children, she understands the unique challenges faced by mothers in the workforce.

Stephanie has an affinity for order, she has a Master’s of Library and Information Studies from McGill University. You can also follow her on Twitter @HavenOrganizing.

Aren’t they fabulous?

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