Summer Vacation with Kids

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By: Joya Williams

SUMMER VACATION: No Baggage Please!

This year our summer vacation is a week in Barbados. We’ve never been and we’re all pretty excited. I love the anticipation of going away, the knowledge that the hardest decision will soon be where to eat and the most strenuous activities of the day will be prying the children away from the beach or pool. I can already smell the ocean and hear the music.

But first we have to pack.

Love vacations. Hate packing!

The worry…did I bring enough? Too much? Ugh! It only gets worse when you have kids! Remember the Advil…just in case. Don’t forget the allergy medication…just in case. Should we bring this…? Do we need that…?


Do you remember the days when the only person you had to worry about was yourself? You could pack up and go wherever and whenever you wanted?

Toothbrush, bathing suit and flip flops?


Sigh…those were the days!

But as stressful as it is packing for your kids, it’s all because you want them to have a great time. There’s nothing like the look of wonder on a child’s face when they are introduced to new places and experiences. Their excitement is contagious and exhausting and puts a smile on your face. Seeing something through your children’s eyes is always more special. I love to watch them explore new things and when they can barely contain themselves and try to explain all they’ve discovered in a rush of words; it makes you glad that you’re there and you realize that all of the organizing and packing and worrying was worth it.

So if it means packing an extra suitcase…so be it.

That’s the kind of baggage I need in my life.

Where are you going on your summer vacation? How do you plan for it?

Joya Williams is a working mother of 2 beautiful little girls. She loves to write and currently blogs about her life as a mom at Supermom Doesn’t Live Here. She has also just started a gift basket business called LIFE HAPPENS GIFT BAGS & BASKETS where her aim is to make people laugh on those occasions that aren’t normally celebrated.

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