Surviving the Holiday Break with Netflix

With Christmas just passing and things getting back to “normal” my kids have been asking if it’s time to go back to school yet. And with another week (and a half) to go I am trying to come up with activities and outings that will keep us all busy and relaxed at the same time — let me tell you this has not been easy! So for every day out we do a day in as well, and in combination with crafts and activities we also take time to watch Netflix and relax.

Now with three kids and three opinions they can often be found watching different shows at the same time (on different devices) and while I encourage them to make their own choices, I cringe at the thought of the amount of data we are using at one time. But worry no more, thanks to Netflix many of my kids’ favorite shows (and adult shows too) are available for download!! This is great for both home and on the go, when we are home I don’t have to worry about unnecessary streaming times three and when we are out the kids can be entertained. Hello Boxing Week shopping — my youngest in a cart with the ipad and headphones = 1 happy toddler + 1 happy Mama.

Luna Petunia is new to Netflix but is already a favorite show for my little Elliott, aka my shopping buddy! She loves watching it with her new puppy (realistic toy) and I can download it for her to watch.

Troll Hunters is brand new to Netflix and is a show my boys can actually agree on! So far we’ve watched a couple episodes together (while Miss E is watching the ipad) and are really getting into the story. Over the next few days we will be creating Battle Swords and Armor for the boys – a great way to recycle the extra cardboard and get them engaged in play. Click here for a free PDF pattern to make your own armor at home! And if you aren’t convinced that Trollhunters is right for your little ones, check out this handy chart that shares all the inspiring moments in the show.

Happy Streaming!







**Disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team but all opinions expressed above are my ow.**

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