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My husband and I have been dying for a relaxing day to spend together for ages, and this Thermëa experience couldn’t have come at a better time!

The experience truly begins right from driving into the parking lot.  Driving up to Thermëa, it took my head to Canmore and Banff. The wood building just doesn’t scream Winnipeg – In a good way!

We were greeted by polite staff, who were happy to see us come in and got us set up with everything we needed with ease.

They did have one unfortunate part to our particular day there, and that is that their hot tub was down, but to our surprise, the supervising manager came out to let us know about this and they hoped to have it up and running by the afternoon (which they did!).

I am one of those women who HATE locker rooms.. hate them!  I was a nervous wreck just thinking about where I could put my wet boots, and how gross my feet were going to feel, and even just the thought of fumbling with a key!  UGH!

Our ‘keys’ were electronic wrist bands, with no fumbling required! They had boot trays above our lockers, no wet jacket for me! And they had staff constantly in the locker room, emptying linens, and tidying up, so no gross feet!

Now for our Thermëa experience.

Let me start by saying that the site of the steam coming off the water outside was really something!  It was likely my favorite part of the whole day!

There are 4 steps to a successful Thermëa experience.  Step 1: HOT! Step 2: COLD! Step 3: RELAX! Step 4: REPEAT!  They recommend this rotation 3 times, so that’s just what we did!



They have 3 options for your hot step. A finnish sauna, a dry sauna, and two aromatic steam saunas (Orange and Eucalyptus).

I am not so much a dry sauna type, so in our rotations we tried the finnish sauna, and the orange steam sauna.

The finnish sauna was the perfect temperature to sit about 15 minutes and get nice and hot! We really enjoyed it, and met a very lovely bachelorette party in there!

The orange steam sauna was AMAZING!  I was a little terrified of the steam sauna at first, because I am mildly claustrophobic, but after 2 minutes I easily adapted and was truly enjoying the steam infused with orange.  It was refreshing and cleared up my sinus’ amazingly.  Plus after I smelt like oranges!  Bonus!


Again, they have 3 options for your cold step. A temperate pool, a cold plunge and a cold waterfall.

My husband was definitely braver than me with these options! The water was COLD!  I only dipped in very quickly and not all the way in like he did!

He enjoyed the cold waterfall and went under it a few times, and was even brave enough to plunge right in the cold water!


A relaxation pavillion, a firepit and a hot tub are what they have for your relaxation step!  The hot tub was up and running by our 3rd cycle so we stayed extra long in there!

The pavillion comes with complimentary tea and water, headphones with a few different relaxation music stations, and either a room with comfy beds to rest in or a really nice area to sit in with big seats that are so deep and cozy that you need a rope to help pull you out!

My husband really enjoyed the fire pit.  The smell and the warmth with the open top was very relaxing!


In between our 2nd and 3rd cycle we went into the bistro, still in our robes and bathing suits, and had a drink and a platter of cheese and bread just for a light snack.  It was delicious and their selection of cheese was really yummy!


The entire experience was relaxing, and me and my husband got some nice time together to quietly catch up and chat with each other. It mentally took me completely out of Winnipeg and gave me a feel of our favorite mountain towns!

I was so relaxed that I even dosed off in the car on my way home!  I needed to head to bed early for sure!

For more information on Thermëa and what they have to offer, make sure you visit their website!

Would you LOVE to try out this amazing relaxing experience yourself?!  Well aren’t you in luck!  I am giving away the Thermal Experience, with Bath Robes and a Wine and Cheese plate for 2 people (Value of $200.00)!

Winner will be announces on Feb.22nd, and contacted with how to collect their prize!

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My Tips To Save A Few Pennies!

Bring your own housecoat
Bring flipflops
Bring your own waterbottle

Have a great time at Thermëa!


Photo Credits Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature

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