When is a Good Time to Start Toddler Activities?

Toddler activities classes

Starting toddler activities is a fun and exciting time. It’s a time to take an abundant amount of pictures, watch them try their hand at new and emerging interests, and also have them just look super cute.

As parents, it goes without saying that we think about what activities our kids will participate in (well while they are this young anyway). We go down the list of the things that kids will for sure try, may try, and will see down the road.

But you may be thinking…

Toddler Activities

When is a Good Time to Start?

It really depends on your feeling and the child. There is no rush to start activities if you feel they are too young. On the other hand, if you feel they need to have a hobby outside of the home, it’s definitely not too early to consider something.

A few things to keep in mind and consider may be:

  • Are they able to communicate well enough so that they can be understood by other teachers, and also take direction (if it is a nonparent participation class)?
  • Does the activity you seek seem advanced or in-line with their play interests (are they into art, do they like to play with sports equipment)?
  • Do you feel that your child may need to socialize or make new friends, interact with others?
  • Do you want them to be exposed to a setting or skill for a future class (i.e. taking them skating for future hockey classes when they are older)?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then it may be time for enrolling or trying some toddler activities.

Check your local listings for programs in that age, or search our ideas (see below).

What are Commonly Offered Programs for Toddlers (1-3)?

Parent and Tot Classes

Most community centres hold weekly (or more often) open gym days, where kids and parents can come and run around and play various things, toys, and have fun together.


There are a number of gymnastic studios that specifically offer toddler programs. This includes very minimal gymnastics but encouraging moving and having fun, using props suitable for their age and becoming comfortable with play.


Dance is something that starts quite young and classes are catered to every age group. There are little ballerina classes, even jazz and more casual themes such as costume dance classes and so forth.


At the toddler age, swim lessons are taken with the parents. However, if lessons are not for you, you can take your little one to the pool yourself, granted you are always 1 arms length away at maximum.

Little kids soccer

While organized soccer does not start until almost 5 years old, there are programs that offer soccer-like classes. Kids play with smaller soccer balls and play games, all while just having fun with friends.

Family or Kids Yoga

There are a number of yoga studios and community centres that offer family yoga, where you can do breathing and stretching with your kids.

Arts Classes

A very popular item that pops up at local art supplies stores is toddler drop-in times or organized workshops. You can look out for these special times and take your artist to play around with crafts or paints, make a mess and have a blast.

Music Classes

Music companies often do have classes for ages as young as 3 years old. If you feel like your toddler has an ear or want them to start learning an instrument early, you may find this is a good fit.


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