Tips for Preparing for a day at the Beach or Pool with Baby

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By: Andria Milliard

As the weather starts to warm up, my family and I find ourselves gravitating to the outdoors more and more. We find ourselves taking the dog on longer walks, more trips to the playground, visiting the water parks and of course spending the day at the beach. Living just outside of Vancouver, BC, we are lucky to have gorgeous weather year round, even when it’s raining!

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As a mom of two, with both kids under three, spending more time outdoors and on the go means I have to make sure my diaper bag is fully stocked every time we leave the house. I most certainly never leave the house without a fresh stock of diapers and wipes, a small colour book with stickers and heaven forbid, snacks. Most days I am barely backing out the driveway when my two-year-old asks for a snack! Thankfully she has yet to follow this up with a, are we there yet.

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So as the warmer weather creeps upon us, we quickly find ourselves removing our winter layers and I find myself having to rethink my diaper bag packing. The gloves, toques and scarves are removed from my bag and quickly replaced with the four S’s, snacks, sunglass, sun hats, and importantly, sunscreen.

Making sure my kids are fully protected when out playing in the sun is of the utmost importance to me. Their skin is far more delicate than mine, I mean they even have their own laundry detergent, so it only makes sense that I make sure they are well protected when exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. To me this means purchasing a product that is specifically formulated for their delicate skin, such as AVEENO® Baby Sensitive Skin Mineral Sunscreen lotion SPF 50. I love that it’s a more natural choice -it’s a mineral sunscreen that uses 100% naturally-sourced sunscreen active ingredients and is also made with natural colloidal oat which leaves their skin not only protected, but hydrated after applying. There is nothing worse than applying sunscreen and have it leaving your skin chalky and dry or worse, greasy! Best of all it also comes in a face stick version that glides on quickly, providing full coverage to your little ones face. The AVEENO® BABY® face stick is a huge win for me, as my daughter is quite squirmy and I am able to quickly apply the sunscreen to her face without worrying about smearing cream into her eyes. Both the tube and face stick AVEENO® Baby Sensitive Skin Mineral Sunscreen lotion SPF 50 are the perfect size. They are easily added to my diaper bag making sure there is still plenty of room for other necessities, like the must needed snacks and of course a change of clothes.

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So if you’re looking for us this summer we will be grabbing our packed diaper bag, enjoying our snacks and staying sun smart. We can’t wait to get out and take in all beautiful weather Vancouver has to offer us. So much so that we’ve started making our summer bucket list and we are already eagerly checking things off with outdoor barbecues, day trips to the Zoo, road trips to lake, camping and of course our favourite, collecting sea shells at the beach!

*This post was sponsored by AVEENO® Baby, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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