Top 10 Celebrity-authored Children’s Books


1 Billy Crystal | I Already Know I Love You

Billy Crystal is best known as comedian and writer for the past few decades and has hosted the American Academy Awards no less than nine times.  He also wrote another book about being a grandparent entitled Grandpa’s Little One.

A beautiful, in words and colour, story about becoming a grandparent.  An ideal gift when telling your parents you’re expecting!

2 Brooke Shields | It’s The Best Day Ever, Dad!

Brooke Shields is likely best known as the super model of the 80′s whose since created an empire complete with furniture, makeup, toothpaste endorsements and home decor line.  She wrote another children’s book as well, Welcome To Your World, Baby!  it’s also important to note that she wrote a book about her battle with post partum depression, entitled Down Came The Rain.  She is the mother of two girls.

A sweet story of two sisters spending a completely fun day with Dad.

3  Julie Andrews & daughter Emma Walton Hamilton  | The Very Fairy Princess series

Julie Andrews has years of film, play and show-business accolades is a mother of five.

A sweet series of three books with the cutest little princess of all teaches about authenticity and ‘inner sparkle’.

4  Molly Shannon | Tilly the Trickster

Molly Shannon is best known for her hilarious years on Saturday Night Live and is now a mother of two in Los Angeles.

A trickster gets tricked.  A comedic story (we’d expect no less!) for all fun little girls and boys.

5  Fran Drescher | Being Wendy

Fran Drescher created and acted as ‘The Nanny’ on TV sitcom from 1993-1999, how could we forget that voice!

A great story about following your dreams can inspire children to be who they are meant to be.

6 Jamie Lee Curtis | Today I Feel Silly

Jamie Lee Curtis is best known as an actress of several big box movies, and currently an Activia Yogurt spokesperson.  She is also a blogger for The Huffington Post and mother of two adopted children. She has written 10 children’s books.

A book about different emotions children feel and sweet rhymes along the way.

7 Julianne Moore | Freckleface Strawberry series

Julianne Moore, Oscar nominated actress and mother of two, best known for her roles in Far From Heaven and The Hours.

A story to inspire children to embrace their differences, Freckleface Strawberry was Julianne’s nickname growing up.

8 Jerry Seinfeld | Halloween

Jerry Seinfeld is best known for his years writing, producing and starring in the hugely popular sitcom, Seinfeld.  He is a father of three children in New York.

A story all about, what else, getting candy at Halloween!

9 Spike Lee & wife Tonya Lewis Lee | Please, Baby Please

Filmmaker Spike Lee and wife are parents to one daughter and Spike Lee is best known for the blockbuster Malcom X, but has been making  films since the early eighties.

A sweet story about a day in the life of an active toddler from morning ’till night.

10 Erica Ehm & Rebecca Eckler | The Mischievous Mom at the Art Gallery

Our very own Erica Ehm of MTV now runs the Yummy Mummy Club online and is a mother of two in Toronto.  Rebecca Eckler is a well-known Canadian fiction author.

A fun story of two children and their mother, who, for a change, is the mischievous one in the family.

Some mentionables who just didn’t make the list:  Madonna’s English Roses series (which my eight-year-old now reads), Will Smith writes Just The Two Of Us, and so many more including Tim McGraw, Kristi Yamaguchi, Jay Leno and even John Travolta.

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    My daughters just loved the two Jamie Lee Curtis books we own. Never got tired of it until they reached age where they (or parents) were too tired to keep reading at night. Brook Shields book “Best Dad Ever” sounds like a must read — but then I am biased Dad wanting to mould by girl’s brain patterns 🙂

  2. 2

    Wow and awesome list there – had no idea on some of them (think I heard and may have encountered Billy Crystal’s book before) but none of the others.

    Definitely some ideas for the Christmas list this year.

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