Top 5 Toddler Activities for Home


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Well Mother Nature, we had a great run but now that it’s November your true colours are showing and we need to start planning for the cool weather that often keeps us in the house. For those of us with toddlers, it goes without saying that being “trapped” in the house due to weather can be more than a little stressful at times. These are our top five toddler friendly activities that keep me from pulling my hair out on the days when staying in is our best option:

  1. Make or Bake something together; a few suggestions are:
    • Pudding (mix from a box)
    • Jello
    • Gingersnap cookies (my kids love to roll them into balls and through the sugar)
    • Cupcakes or Cake (from a cake mix)
    • 4 Ingredient Banana Cookies
  2. Give them some paint!
    • Both liquid (washable) paint and “puck” paint are great for toddlers
    • Mix it up: Why not enourage the creative juices and offer cotton balls, q-tips, discarded (but cleaned) mascara brushes or anything you find around your home as the brush
  3. Break out the play-dough and some cookie cutters
    • if you don’t feel like actually baking you can pretend with the fake dough & the real tools!
  4. Put the toddlers in the tub!
    • Nothing like a mid-day bath to change up the routine and have some fun!
    • Note: Bubbles are a huge hit with my boys but my youngest is dedicated to eating them all until they are gone, so use at your own discretion.
  5. Dance Party!
    • Crank up your favorite song and dance, dance, dance
    • Variation: play musical chairs, freeze dance (stop dancing when the music stops), or simon says

What are your favorite indoor activities for toddlers?


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