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The Perfect Valentines Day Coupon!

I scowered the internet for a fun, simple, blank printable coupon template to make my hubby and kids coupons to put with the V-Day gifts.

It was hard for me to find a generic one, that I could use for both husband and kids, so I decided to create one for myself!

The coupons turned out so awesome, that I decided to share!

Simply save the photos and print! (I inserted them into a word document to save paper!)

Here is the Cover:



Here is the blank coupon:



Ideas for Husband’s Coupons:

Movie of your choice… with no complaining from me
One Argument Win
Night In with Drinks and Video Games
Breakfast in Bed
A Weekend Getaway

Ideas for Kids Coupons:

30 Minutes Extra of Screen Time
An extra book before bed
Family Movie Night
Choice of Dessert after Dinner
An EXTRA Long Hug

A Fun Idea: Leave a few blank for them to fill in themselves!

I printed on card stock paper, hole punched two holes in the top, put it together with some ribbon and Voila!

Here is how mine turned out!



Have a great Valentine’s Day!!

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