What I am Craving This Season


As part of the #TeamMcDs group of bloggers for McDonald’s Canada this Fall, I’ve had the opportunity to try all the things at McDonald’s for the past few months.

Let me tell you, that Peppermint Mocha is decadent, I’m a sucker for real whipped cream on top of caffeine at around 3pm daily! It’s a must-try.

They have also come out with a few more Season’s Cravings menu items especially for this special time of the year.

Waffle Cut Fries

I discovered the Waffle Fries about a week ago, I was stunned to find them at McDonald’s and I just had to try. My secret? Ask for a side of McChicken Sauce. MmmmHmmmm. Yep, just dig in to that!

Burger Time!

I have not tried the Potato Rosti and Bacon Burger yet, but it sounds like something I’d love on cheat day, complete with a cold coca-cola. It’s made with a quarter pound of juicy 100% Canadian beef, topped with bacon pieces, a potato rosti, creamy cheese sauce, cheddar cheese and served on a toasted bun topped with rolled oats. (Mmmm, What is a Potato Rosti?  It’s made with diced and shredded pieces of potato and is formed into a flat patty – similar to McDonald’s current hash brown!)


And for desert, a Turtles Sundae with Pecans! Inspired by the flavour of Nestle Turtles, a decadent combination of vanilla soft serve and hot fudge sauce, topped with mini chocolate turtles filled with caramel, pecan pieces, and a chocolate and caramel sauce. This is one I know my girls will love to try this month!

Happy December Mamas, go indulge in your Season’s Cravings.


*Posted in partnership with McDonald’s Canada, all opinions are my own.

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