What is Self Learning?

2016 04 White Rock - Danae

By: Kumon Math & Reading Centre

Simply put, self-learning is the ability to teach yourself new concepts with minimal assistance. This is the Kumon method, which is quite different and even more valuable from tutoring because it gives students the tools to succeed on the next test and next life chapter.

And it is working for children in your neighbourhood at the Kumon Math and Reading Centre of Surrey/White Rock.  Each day, hundreds of Kumon Students diligently complete their Kumon Worksheets.  The Kumon Worksheets are designed to facilitate self-learning by introducing new content through example problems and guided exercises.  Kumon Instructors provide specific guidance on how to use the worksheets to self-learn.  Students develop the skills and mindset for self-learning through the process of solving problems in the worksheets. These skills help them do better in school and they get hooked on the feeling when they ace the test, fueling a need to succeed!

We have highlighted three benefits of self-learning to help you understand its importance and value.

1. Understanding How to Learn

“I think the things that she’s gained from studying Kumon from hard work to the love of reading, excelling at school will benefit her in all aspects of life.” – Dave, White Rock Parent

One of the fundamental aims of the Kumon Program is to help students learn how to solve problems by encouraging them to actively take part in the learning process. When developing the Kumon Program, Toru Kumon understood that students have the potential to solve problems independently regardless of their age and abilities.

2. Learning without External Aids

Self-learning allows each student to tackle problems based on their own capabilities.  In that sense, students own their knowledge as opposed to relying on external devices such as calculators or tutors. For example, a student who understands multiplication extremely well is able to solve multiplication and division problems much faster than a student who relies on a calculator. The latter student wastes valuable time entering problems into a calculator whereas the former student immediately recalls that 6 X 4 = 24 and 12 X 12 = 144.

3. Preparing for the Future

“It advances you in math and reading and gets you prepared for high school, college and university.” – Desiree, White Rock Student, 11

Self-learning helps students develop the confidence they need to tackle challenging problems and obstacles in the future. The self-learning skills that Kumon Students gain can be applied to their academic careers outside of the Kumon Program.

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