Why the Modern Mama City Blogger Program?

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I joined the Modern Mama team around the time my son turned a year old running their Sherwood Park location, moving onto Edmonton, and eventually purchasing the entire business back in 2019. Being able to work part-time from home has had so many blessings especially once Covid hit. I was able to do distance learning and still earn an income without skipping a beat.

If you’re looking to earn an income, be home with your children, and stay connected within the community this may be a fantastic opportunity for you!

What does Modern Mama do?

We have been a mom blog, a print magazine, and a moms group with live events (which grows to other cities via a licensing model).

However, we’ve re-focused these past couple of years to focus on online revenue even more. ‘Blogging’ has surpassed licensing and event revenue and we know there is an opportunity for all moms to be doing the same.

This is why we created the Modern Mama City Blogger program.

The program means that we want YOU to run Modern Mama City Blog in YOUR city.

Every City should have a Modern Mama City Blog


  • list local resources for new moms and parents
  • show moms in our cities what’s happening for families in their city
  • introduce local business to local moms
  • inject our personality into our online presence
  • support community
  • help moms

Are you Ready to start a Modern Mama

City Blog in your city?

Learn more here …



We’d love to have you join us.




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