Why Moms Love [and Need] Coffee


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We’ve all seen the memes, the cute mugs and the jokes amongst our fellow moms. Moms love (and need!) coffee! It is our life fuel and sometimes the only reason we have managed to not put our socks on our hands that morning. It is necessary most mornings, for most moms and boy do we love the nectar of the Gods here at Modern Mama.


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It’s true, we’re almost always running low on sleep, energy and quiet time, so you need some fuel to keep you going. Caffeine (especially in coffee) is a stimulant that can boost energy levels, mood and various aspects of brain function. Some studies even claim that coffee can keep certain diseases away (according to Healthline).

When you search for “why moms love coffee”, 432 million articles come up in Google. Woah!

For real, though. We work our butts off managing a household, working, taking care of children, get enough sleep, exercise, socialize and try to look good doing it all, too!

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So I was asked to try the new lower-priced Simply Great Java at Mac’s and so I did, today!

I’m no expert on the amazing morning liquid I need to live, I get my drive-thru a few times a week, but at home, I’m a tea drinker. But I’ll tell you, compared to that other major Canadian chain popular with so many mamas doing drive-thru coffee, the Mac’s $2 Large cup I had today gave me an extra oomph of flavour.

It’s a fabulous option for an on-the-go, fast and cheap caffeine injection!



I already mentioned the obvious, it gives us energy and helps to boost mood and brain function. But here are some other fun facts:

+ It burns fat!

+ It contains nutrients like riboflavin and magnesium

+ It causes your adrenaline to flow helping with physical performance

+ It can fight depression and make you happier (Healthline)

+ It is a major source of antioxidants

+ Consuming it can lower your risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even Alzheimers (Time)

+ It can help you live longer! (CNN)

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