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Mama Blogs is an event about starting a blog and finding your voice and inspiration, and we’ve offered it in Vancouver and Edmonton a few times over the past couple of years.  I love seeing the moms come out inspired and filled with the desire to start writing or kick start their blogs.  Our speakers have been amazing mom bloggers and online publishers, like Tanis Miller (formerly Redneck Mommy, Christine Pilkington, founder of and a few of Vancouver’s Top 30 Mom Bloggers.  This Fall we’re offering the event here, in White Rock, BC with the founder of – a site with a huge readership and two expert moms, twin sisters, at the helm, who know a thing or two about the business of blogging.

Some bloggers write reviews – they get free stuff and write about it.  It’s definitely something we do here at Modern Mama.  We love to write about stuff we love.  Whether it’s baby products or even food and travel, even local businesses, we love to review stuff.

So when Minted asked if we’d partner to help them find some bloggers who like to include reviews on their sites, we couldn’t resist.  We love Minted and their amazing design community plus high quality.

Anyone with a blog is welcome to apply!  They are offering our blogging members a $60 credit towards holiday cards, business cards, art prints, stationery and more!  The credit is in exchange for a short site review to introduce the brand to your readers.  Minted will contact each person individually to provide the credit.

To apply please visit:
So if you have a blog, mama, go ahead and click that link to get some SWAG and write about it!
Thank you to Minted for working with us on our upcoming Shine Summit for Modern Mama Directors!

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