3 Simple Steps for Celebrating Valentines’s Day After Kids

Valentines Day After Kids

By: Heather Van Mil

K-I-S-S: Keep it Simple, Sleepy!

New parents and often inundated with advice; some of it helpful, most of it unwelcome, but rarely do ‘they’ talk about the big things. I mean the really important stuff – like Valentine’s Day.

With ‘mommy-brain’ in full force it will be a minor miracle if you and your partner even remember the day, so it’s best to keep your expectations in check and follow the ever appropriate new parent rule “K-I-S-S: Keep It Simple Sleepy”!

Now that the pressure is off, (you’re welcome) I’ve got some ideas about what you can do to celebrate the ‘big’ day.

3 Simple Steps to Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Kids in Tow

 1. Love Yourself

If you are like most moms, self care is usually last on the list, so we made sure it was number one on ours! Even something as simple as a hot bath, or an afternoon nap is a great way to add a little bit of TLC to your Valentine’s Day.

If you manage to sneak in a glass of wine, you’ve got a red letter day! Don’t be afraid to enlist someone to help you make yourself a priority – asking for help is an important first step in taking care of yourself.

2. Love Your Partner

While you may not get to have a romantic weekend away just yet, or even make it out to dinner, there are many little ways that you can celebrate your partner this Valentine’s Day. Like you, your partner is likely short on sleep, quiet time to themselves, and lovin’.

Knowing which ones are the priority, and what resources you might have to make them happen will be the key. Maybe you trade off – one person gets to bed early while the other gets a sleep in.

If you’re very motivated, you could even find a friend or family member to take the kid(s) for a few hours for some uninterrupted quality time together. Whatever says “I love you” to your partner best is the way to go.

3. Love Your Kids

If you love holidays as much as we do, adding kids to the celebration just multiplies the fun!

If your munchkin is very young, you can commemorate Valentine’s Day with a fun craft like footprints stamped in the shape of a heart (heels together, toes apart), reading Valentine’s themed books or dressing up in those super cute holiday onsies.

Older kids can get in the spirit by helping bake and decorate heart shaped cookies or drawing a Valentine’s picture.

Nothing says “I love you” like your child’s first homemade Valentine’s Day Card!

However you choose to celebrate the holiday, remember to keep it simple. Thinking outside the box with afternoon dates at home and sparkling water with cranberry juice in fancy glasses will help you re-invent Valentine’s Day post-kids.

You might even surprise yourself and discover how much more enjoyable and meaningful celebrations are once you add kids to the mix.  

How you are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? We’d love to know!

Heather van Mil is the General Manager at Gymboree Play & Music by day and Freelance Writer and Blogger at www.lifeloveandthepursuitofplay.com by night. Somewhere in between she is also a wife and momma to 2 beautiful girls who frequently inspire the content on her Facebook, Twitter and too many other social media feeds to count! 

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