7 Freezer Meals To Prepare Before Baby Arrives

Freezer Meals

When you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy nesting starts to play a big part in your day to day life. You find yourself organizing and re-organizing, but something that many never get around to is preparing meals for the whole family for after baby comes home. When baby finally comes home you are tired and trying to rest and heal. Making dinner is one of the last things you want to do, preparing freezer meals in advance can be a huge sanity saver. Not only are they easy for you to make for everyone in the house, any teen or adult in the house that isn’t you can also lend a hand and make dinner. That’s why we took the time to find family pleasing freezer meals perfect for preparing before baby arrives.

Easy Freezer-Friendly Shepard’s Pie by Simply Frugal

Nothing is better than comfort food when you are finally home with your new baby. Being able to eat something that reminds you of family dinner with your own family can be a huge comfort after birth. This easy freezer friendly shepard’s pie by Simply Frugal is incredible for freezing in advance. It freezes and cooks beautifully and you’ll definitely want to double the recipe so you can have a couple of these in your deep freeze ready to go.

Make Ahead Mini Chicken Pot Pies by make ahead meals for busy moms

Sometimes when you are bringing home baby both mom and baby are a little off when it comes to our schedules. We are doing our best to sleep whenever we can which sometimes means we aren’t going to be eating dinner at dinner time every once in awhile. Being able to have individual sized meals prepped for the other people in your house or for yourself at midnight can be a big help. This way no one is waking you up to ask about dinner, there are simple options already prepared for all of them so you can keep on getting that sleep you desperately need.

Swiss Cheese Chicken and Stuffing Bake by one she two she

This swiss cheese chicken and stuffing bake by one she two she is to die for. This one will have your family begging for more and you wishing you had cooked two pans of it instead of just the one. It is filled with lots of flavor and keeps you begging for more. This is one recipe I will still make from time to time, especially on cold days.

Bean & Cheese Burritos by Money Saving Mom

Another great idea when it comes to making meals everyone can make on their own time. These Bean & Cheese Burritos by Money Saving Mom are a great way to fill up at any time of day and the best part is they are even vegetarian! You can make these beauties a number of ways but I love this version best, especially with a side of tangy yogurt sauce to dip! Make a nice variety to please even the pickiest eaters in your house.

Vegan Freezer Lasagna by Never Homemaker

For you vegan moms out there this lasagna is a life changer. Packed filled with tonnes of great stuff to keep your body fueled for healing and taking care of your new baby. This vegan freezer lasagna by Never Homemaker combines together effortlessly and can be easily adapted to your exact tastes. Making this ahead of time will keep you and your tummy happy when you pull it out of the freezer and share it with you family.

With a few of these ideas we hope you start thinking about what you might want to prepare before your new baby arrives. Keep yourself stress free and well fed by making sure to have easy to make meals on hand that just need heating up.

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