7 Fun Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Halloween


In our house, everything seems to be left till the last minute and that includes pumpkin decorating. Several years in a row we have found ourselves scrambling to just find pumpkins to decorate. So, this is your last-minute list of fun ways to decorate your pumpkin for Halloween!


1. Toy Story 4 Forky Pumpkin from The Farm Gab Girls

Toy Story Pumpkin

This is sure to be a hit with any Toy Story fan! And I love that this is a no-carve option for little ones.


2. Bat & Star Pumpkin from Culinary Design Group

Black Pumpkin

A great mix between a painted and carved pumpkin. I feel like this would look incredible once the sun goes down.

3. Squeeze Paint Pumpkins From Hello Wonderful

Marble Pumpkin

The perfect decorating idea for your youngest kiddos!


4. Mummy Pumpkin From Everyday-Reading

Mummy Pumpkin

Now, this is the kind of pumpkin for our house. One you can throw together in a pinch and it still looks super spooky!

5. Mini Pumpkins From Welcome To Nana’s

Spider Pumpkin

Super cute to have around the house as decor or as a last-minute option when all the regular pumpkins are taken!


6. Melted Crayon Pumpkin From The Nerds Wife

Crayon Pumpkin

My kids are obsessed with my hairy dryer so this is one they can get involved in! Plus, let’s be honest we all have a ton of broken crayons that need to be used up!


7. Trendy Pumpkins From The Majestic Mama



These pumpkins are more so for teens or adults as they can be a bit more complicated to paint. But, I love the fun metallics and stencils that are used to create the designs.


Happy Halloween!


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