AdvoCare 24-Day Jumpstart: DONE! … and my experience

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I just finished my 24-day Jumpstart with AdvoCare!

What is it? Come check out my first post where I covered a basic introduction to the 24-Day JumpStart!

AdvoCare just recently launched in Canada, and you can now purchase their supplements and programs. For those looking for a side hustle opportunity, you can even create an income selling the products by becoming a company Distributor.

What I liked, in particular, was the journal. I love documenting, well, pretty much everything. I liked how simple it was to document my day – from what I was eating, when, and also how well I slept and my workouts. Having a one page per day format makes it comfortable to use, and not overwhelming.


The first phase of the program is the Cleanse Phase, and it’s Days 1 – 10. I’ll be honest, I was nervous about this phase. I am not normally a ‘cleanse’ person, I never have before. I was worried that I’d be constantly running to the bathroom. But I didn’t have that experience at all. While the Phase includes Fibre powder to mix into a drink (it’s not good with water, put it in some sweet juice, and it’s SO much better!) and Herbal Cleanse caplets at bedtime, I felt totally normal and my usual ‘regular’ self.

While the majority of the Cleanse Phase products were great, unfortunately, I took a pass on the Spark Energy vitamin and amino acid drink because I am sensitive to caffeine. It’s meant to be more like a pre-workout drink, but caffeine makes me feel jittery.

Beginning on Day 11, The MAX Phase begins. This Phase replaces breakfast with a protein and vitamin shake, introduces supplements throughout each day, and OmegaPlex at dinner.

The only real diet change suggestion is that the Complex Carb becomes ‘optional’ at Dinner. I typically try to avoid carbs at dinner time anyway, so this wasn’t a difficult change for us. My husband and I typically eat a vegetable and a protein at dinner time, and I make a complex carb for my daughters. This change is important if you want to lose weight.

So, what were my results with the 24-day Jumpstart?

Let’s review my goals for this in my original post earlier this month:

  • Exercise 5 days/week (3km elliptical + light weights and squats) (I already do this but more like 3-4/week, I’ve never liked exercise)
  • Drink more water
  • My first step in my healthy living goals for 2019!


I have continued to be consistent with 4-5 days per week going to the gym. I do 2-3KM on the elliptical and I’ve added light weights and squats with weights most days! I’m happy with this and feel as though I’ve created a great healthy habit of doing this. It’s been great for my blood pressure and my mental health. While I used to hate exercise, now I look forward to this time for ME. I *always* feel better mentally as well!


I’m pretty consistent with drinking 3 glasses of water per day, but I still struggle to drink more than that. My one tip to doing better with drinking water is to find a cute cup you like. My favourite is my extra tall x Starbucks cup! It comes with me to the gym every time.

I love that the 24-Day Jumpstart gave me the push that I needed to really focus on healthy living at the beginning of a new year. But truthfully, any month, not just January can be the start of a new healthy lifestyle!

I am so grateful to have had this opportunity because it helped to motivate me and gave me the push to begin a healthy start to 2019. Getting healthy is not only about weight loss, but I even managed to drop a few pounds during my Jumpstart! I’m on track to lose 5lbs this month as I continue to eat healthily and use AdvoCare protein shakes regularly.

What are you doing to kick start your mental and physical health this year?

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