Bedtime Battles No More

Do you have a bedtime staller, where every night is a Bedtime Battle?

If your kids are anything like mine, it is an endless set of “needs” that are not actually needs. Its when a little one needs a drink of water after they have been tucked in, even though you offered a drink ten minutes prior; someone needs to pee again (for the third time in 10 minutes); they need just one more hug; oh and one more kiss; and one more story; and another drink because they will die of thirst if they don’t; and different pajamas because these ones don’t feel right; and on and on…

Well Netflix has created this chart to help us identify just what type of staller(s) we have — I think my kids alternate between all of these styles on any given night. ha ha! Where does your little one fit in?Netflix_BedtimeStaller_Infographic_Int

But wait, there is hope!

With the help of Netflix, we can curb the Bedtime Battles! The new rule in my house is that once the kids are in their pajamas and they have brushed their teeth, pee’d, and had a drink of water they can watch one show. They are obviously thrilled with this idea and so far it has been working; the trick is that the show is what I refer to as a “Special Dinotrux”. You see there are three 5 minute episodes of Dinotrux, the Five Minute Favorites; in my house we alternate between the three; my kids love that they get to watch one more show and I love that they are only five minutes long!

Here is a preview of one of the episodes:

Do you have a bedtime staller too?




**Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam but the opinions expressed above our my own.**

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