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I run a small home daycare, you know, when I’m not ruling the world as a Super Modern Mama!

I recently had a new little guy join my little kid jungle, and a few days after he started, I noticed I was going to have a real problem!

He chewed on everything!  Literally everything!  I even had to snag a couple dog toys out of his mouth.

Not that this isn’t normal, every kid loves to chew on toys at some point, but with having kids in my home every single day I have to clean my toys very regularly! Having him with me upped my toy cleaning from weekly to daily!

So, I called my friends over at Canada’s Baby Store and they new exactly what I needed!


 The Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew is as stylish as it is versatile!

The Neckerchew is designed for all day wear, which is my favorite part!  It goes right from the highchair, to the play area, to outside and beyond!

It not only saves shirts from drool and messy foods, but the silicone teether is directly attached, and is very easy access to chew on.

My problem solved! Instead of chewing on all the toys, he was chewing on the teether.

The Neckerchew is machine washable, so anytime it got a little too messy, it was easy to just throw it in with a load of laundry and then throw it right back on him.



Want one for your little people?

There is a really fabulous variety of Neckerchews available at Canada’s Baby Store!

Just for you, my fabulous readers, use the coupon code “CHEWY” and get a discount on your total order! {Available through the end of 2015}


For one lucky local reader, we are GIVING AWAY a Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew, courtesy of Canada’s Baby Store!

To WIN this fabulous product, enter using the Rafflecopter Giveaway Form Below!

Good Luck!
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    I love it…when I’m not ruling the world as a Super Modern Mama! My little guy is just at this stage now! The minute his little hands touch something it goes directly into the mouth! The NeckerChew would be a great help in dealing with this! Thank-you for the chance and best of luck my little Chompers!

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