Developmental Screening


A common topic of conversation amongst new moms is whether their baby is in line with the developmental guidelines proposed by the government. No matter if a mom verbally admits it or not, there is an underlying desire for “our baby” to be on track or ahead of the curve regardless whether we know that some babies develop later, and some sooner than others. Come on now, let’s be honest here.

It was for this reason I researched as much as I could on the subject, gathering handouts, newsletters and the like while interviewing many moms and composing my own personal list of “developmental guidelines to be acheived”. As you could imagine, this was an extensive list and my refrigerator door was becoming chock full of monthly goal checklists being marked off like my unending “to-do” lists. Ultimately my search led me to the Nipissing District Developmental Screen website. This resource is such a thorough account of all developmental milestones that many Doctors use it as part of their care for all little patients. What’s even better than stumbling across this resource is the fact that the Ontario government has granted all families living in the province of Ontario FREE access to this test.

It’s simple, all you do is register your baby online and at each major milestone, which happens to coincide with doctor visits, you receive an email to answer a short questionnaire online. Following the test, suggestions are offered for any recommendations plus you can easily print the form and bring it with you to the doctor visit for further explanation.

Good luck in your journey.




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